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  1. I think that the type of brush could depend on what paint you are applying....acrylic or enamel.
  2. My Eduard Fokker D.VII OAW flown by Franz Buchner of Jasta 13. This is my first completed WWI aircraft so I'm sure it ain't all it should be. Anyway I would appreciate any advice and honest critiques so my next effort will be better. Don't worry about hurting my feelings, I'm married and used to it. http://i1292.photobucket.com/albums/b568/nmroberto/ModelPhotos016_zpsbaa7948e.jpg
  3. Ya also might go to a nail salon and ask what they use. I'm pretty sure they spray on nail polish, not that I've had it done but my daughter does.
  4. I use Gorilla glue as well. It doesn't set so fast that you get in trouble glueing things where they don't belong. However, it will glue your thumb to a wing..........from one who knows.
  5. I won't get involved in the accuracy debate, but it seems to me that this kit is a trifle pricey for a 48th scale kit.
  6. The Delta dries brilliant, looks just like glass or plastic lights. I think it looks better than the tinted clears. Sorry but I don't have any pics available. By the way, it's dirt cheap and a small plastic bottle will last practically forever since you don't apply very much.
  7. For really vibrant realistic looking wing tip lights try Delta glass paint. It's used for making stained glass windows so its translucent. All you have to do is put down a base silver color then a blob of the Delta after the silver is dry. Goes on looking awful but when it dries...taa daa perfect lights. Oh..and it's water based so clean up is easy. You can find it in most craft stores. Rob
  8. Wish I had read your post before mixing the two paints together. And yes, I completely stripped the air brush and cleaned everything out. It works fine now. I did learn an important lesson, I'm never going to try to mix different brands again.
  9. Can anyone guess what happened when I mixed Model Master acrylic with some Tamiya acrylic, then tried to spray it? Nothing I like better than spend what seemed like forever trying to get the glorp out of my air brush. Oh well....live and learn.
  10. Hi yall Looking for a good MIG 15 kit in 1/48 scale. I've been reading reviews of different kits and if I'm to believe the reviews....there aren't any decent half way accurate MIG 15 kits out there. Could that be true, or do you suppose the reviewers are just overly critical? thanks Rob
  11. What's your opinions on the best primer? I tried a spray can of auto primer a long time ago and it was so thick it hid the details.
  12. Thanks Joel, this will be very helpful.
  13. One of my problems is that most of the photos I've seen of the original (not modern restorations) are so fuzzy and indistinct that it's hard to tell if there is a hard or soft edge on the camo. I prefer the look of a soft edge but I want to paint the camo like the real thing. Anyone have a link to good quality WWII photos of the spit?
  14. nmRoberto

    Eduard kits?

    I had to laugh because I fiddled around putting in a lot of the little details in the cockpit area which you cant see when you close it up. But.......I know they're there.
  15. nmRoberto

    Eduard kits?

    Well, I went out and bought the Eduard Spitfire IX. Just started the build, everything so far seems to fit well (with a few exceptions), and the detail is amazing. I did have some problems when I assembled the fuselage to the wing sections. The space for the fuselage was too narrow, and forcing the two together caused the wing dihedral to come out almost flat instead of the way it's supposed to be. I guess that's why they invented hobby knives and files.
  16. Hi yall Question on painting camo on a Spit. Should I use hard or soft edges between the camo colors? I've seen models in the gallery here done both ways. Also, from viewing photos , the paint looks like it's slightly glossy instead of flat. Thanks for any advice.
  17. nmRoberto

    Eduard kits?

    Could anyone give me some feedback on Eduard kits? I'd like opinions from anyone who's biult one. They look pretty nice on the computer monitor but I haven't seen one in person. I saw a 1/48 Spitfire IX which was interesting, came with PE, masks and a bunch of decal options. Thanks
  18. I've been doing some research on the landing gear colors for a F4U-1 Corsair. The photos are pretty unclear as to what the color is. Some seem to be the same color as the underside paint or even white, others look like steel. Any suggestions?
  19. I'm not sure how you could make any aircraft as ugly as Tammy Faye short of dipping it in a vat of acid. I just may leave the gigantic eye lashes off mine.
  20. I'm going to build mine as a Marine unit. (I think)
  21. I've noticed some models of Navy aircraft have ,what seems to me, too much paint chipping. I may be wrong (wouldn't be the first time) but would a Navy aircraft flying off a carrier have a lot of chipping on the prop and leading wing edge? I'm asking because I just bought a F4U 1 Tamiya kit and I'm doing a little advance planning on the paint scheme.
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