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  1. Looking for Cobra Companies CC72003 Westland Wessex HU.5 cockpit and cabin set and CC72004 Westland Wessex HAS.3 subhunter detail set. Thanks, Dave
  2. Hey all, Quick question. I have a model that must have had the panel lines done with a backhoe. Very simple kits with few engraved panel lines. I want to fill these panel lines in and then rescribe, so what would be the best thing to use to fill these lines in? I'm thinking Super glue, sand and then rescribe or would thin plastic rod and liquid glue be better? Melts the plastic, bonds all together, sand and rescribe. Thanks for any tip. Dave
  3. @rotowash thank you ,that will help immensely!
  4. Hey all, I've got an RAH-66 I would like to do as a What-If production model. I have a question about the sensor nose, which seems to be split into 2 separate devices. Was the lower sensor supposed to be in a movable ball turret or stationary as on the " flying" prototype. Also does anyone know of any What If pic of what the cockpits where supposed to look like when done? Thanks in advance, Dave
  5. Hi all, Hoping someone can help me out. Looking for the following Hobbycraft Canada kits in 1/72: CF-100 Mk. V CF-105 HC1330 DHC-2 UC-6A Beaver HC1354 DHC-3 Otter HC1343 C-7 Caribou Vietnam Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hey all,Anyone happen to have a set of 1/72 Decals for VF-24 F-14 "Thief of Baghdad"? Two bobs did a set and I believe Fujimi released the decals in one of the Kits. Any help would be appreciated.Thanks,Dave
  7. Thanks all for the help. @RCAFFAN I'll have to see if I can find the IPMS articles.
  8. Looking for an oldie. Airwaves SC72106 Royal Navy Lynx 'Gulf" conversion set. Thanks for looking.
  9. Hey all, Asking for some more help. As the Airwaves conversion (SC72106) set is long out of production and very impossible to find I'm looking for some help with the following kit used on Operation Grandby Lynx HAS.3, going to have to scratch build. AN/ALQ-167(V) "Yellow Veil" D/J-band ASM ECM pod, GEC "Sandpiper" FLIR and Loral Challenger IR jammers. Thanks for any help.
  10. Sorry guys I wasn't clear on the scale. @Scooby yeah got it many years ago. @Phantom I believe the 1/72 Belcher Bits mod set has all those parts. It contains CPI, Sonobuoy launcher and chute tubes, FLIR turret, flare dispenser, IR Jammer and Chaff and flare dispenser. As for the radar and sponsons I believe they are all provided in the kit as extras. They even provide the strake for the port fuselage.
  11. Hey all, Need help from the experts on a 1/72 '91 Gulf War CH-124A conversion. I've had the Belcher Bits modification set for a few years now and I recently picked up a Cyber Hobby SH-3D and am thinking of using it for a CH-124A. Can anyone point out any problems I may encounter or suggestions on what can be further upgraded. Just off the top of my head I see that aft of the engine housing the CH-124 has a horse shoe type overhang over top of the tail rotor shaft housing. are there other things I need to fix? Also does anyone have any good cockpit and cabin pictures circ
  12. Do you have a kit# for the 1/72 F-117?
  13. Need some help. I've got a couple 1/72 A-37's I'm starting and wondering if any kind soul would happen to have the decals for the 19th TASS, 51st TFW out of Osan Korea from either the Academy "Black Eagles" kit #1672 or the Hasegawa kit #00142 they would be willing to sell? Thanks for any help.
  14. Title says it, looking for any boxing of Dragon/DML A-10 Warthog. PM me or reply below if you have them for a reasonable price. Thanks.
  15. Hey all, I'm in a bit of a crunch. I need the above mentioned seat for a model I'm working on and don't have a LHS that orders Pavla nor want to buy $60 of extra stuff from Hannants.co to cover shipping (They don't ship orders to Canada under $65). If you can help me out please pm me and I will cover all costs to send to Canada. Thanks, Dave
  16. LanceB, thank you sir for the explanation! This help immensely.
  17. Here are a couple AV-8B pics to compare:
  18. O.K. so there was a color change as the original harrier was in FS34079 and 36173? FS34064 and 36009 are colors I pulled from the Official Monogram USN and USMC aircraft colors 1960-93 and they where for the AV-8B
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