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  1. Yea, I bet it is, it's coming up as $10 for me. Wonder if you could get them to take the parts off the tree and ship it in a smaller package? Anyway saw your post the other day then came across that and figured I would put it up as an option.
  2. Just saw this on the Bay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/296323175423?itmmeta=01HTMNH62D39GRS9H2J6710E0Z&hash=item44fe3cd3ff:g:iacAAOSwWApjA8uD&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAAwLhMpyzJpDR%2FTowdr6A%2BIEkfZ51ZzHly5JBQnyieDuAA28scUGGKT0RoL1XJwrjm7vWXDfIdnlYA1kVYLNBpazUeWAelOPdEh8bBRR6%2Frn0nRHk0Z8KnSyCMbIVfNP0FQH8%2Bf1qO9fIG0KkjoBNtrrX9rcmQFA4X4R6ZmZgAqfxoWtuYXTXTuGs3pVw3vdvsVhA6oEG4kPNeEjJHzxCbdJ9oZcAzC0tFPqAVDErsbnM7Vkbw8hx3%2FkimS5ArtYkNug%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR6ThxJXVYw Hope this helps. Adam
  3. Bump, prices lowered again. Thanks
  4. Updated. Lowered prices. Open to offers on multiples.
  5. Scale Hobbyist has a lot of AK ones in stock. Michigan Toy Solider has a good selection too. https://www.scalehobbyist.com/catagories/browse.php?kw=streaking,grime https://www.michtoy.com/michtoy_search_product.php?&matchString=streaking grime&typeofSEARCH=fulltext
  6. Updated and lowered a couple prices.
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