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  1. Thanks. I have the printed copy. Just wanted an actual book if I could find it.
  2. Found the C canopy, still need the decals and instruction book.
  3. Hello, Looking for the instruction manual and decal set from the Kinetic kit. If you have the weapons decals from the Academy kit I would take that instead. Willing to pay for them if you have them. Let me know. Adam
  4. Ended up selling a few more the last couple days, so not that bad. Was debating trying one or two things at auction this weekend but am still hesitant. I'm not a gambling man, haha.
  5. Finally was accepted onto a few sale pages on FB last week. Only sold 2 kits so far. May try to auction one or two next weekend to see how it goes now that I know hos it works. Per request I made a FS thread here with the aircraft I'm wanting to sell first. Had less than I thought. Thanks for everyone's help and let me know of you're interested in anything. Adam
  6. Sounds good. I'll try again and let you know of I need help. Adam
  7. Ok. Thanks. I just checked though and it went from having a "cancel request" option back to having a join button again. Not sure if they denied my request? I just signed up and only want to use it as a way to sell kits. I'll try again again tomorrow and see what happens. May need someone on the inside to send the mods a message for me if willing to help me out. Thanks Adam
  8. Anyone here on the Scale Graveyard site know how long it usually takes to get permission? I signed up two days ago and put in a request and it hasn't been approved yet.
  9. Yea, I used to get away with stuff like that on ebay all the time. I would buy and sell a lot outside of there but that was when you could send an email address and get away with it. They police it so bad now you can't even send a picture with your address written down and they catch it. About the only way to do it is get them to join a site like this or most ask to contact them on FB or similar sites. Seems to be the way everything is going so I guess it's time to stop fighting it in my old age (39) haha. Appreciate everyone's feedback and input on this. Will be looking into
  10. Sounds good, thanks. I'll check them out too.
  11. Hi Bob, I do have a larger hobby shop here in Davenport IA, they charge around 20% so better off on ebay. They usually have some good stuff but the guys mark them up to over "ebay" pricing to cover the shop fee that they usually sit for quite a while. Yea with shipping in the US going up to crazy prices, shipping over a border has gotten even worse. Haha, exactly. Seems like a necessary evil at this point though. I've heard from a few people over the last couple years that it is the new place to offload kits with no fees.
  12. Thanks Dave. I'll check that out too. Not sure how much traffic it gets but may be worth it. Really don't want to do Facebook but don't want to pay fees. I sold over 40 F1 car kits on ebay last year and had hardly anyone buy more than one kit at a time. Would like to sell stuff in lots but no one is willing to pay even half what they're worth. Have some jet and plane kits in 32nd and 48th. Just need to sort through what I want to get rid of. Know that they will sell off slow on here though too. With 3 kids not much is getting built and when they're done I have no wh
  13. Thanks for the site Specter, I'll check it out. Phantom, Tanks are listed here. Zero interest so far. Open to offers. Adam
  14. Hello, Have a lot of kits I want to sell. Posted a bunch of tanks on here and haven't had any interest. Sick of paying Ebay's fees to do nothing but take my money. Looking into other options. Anyone here have a spot to sell on FB? I really don't wantrto join, hate the idea of it, but feel like it's my only option with forums dying off. Appreciate any help. Thanks Adam
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