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  1. Joerg Many thanks for the information - it's greatly appreciated.
  2. Is there a way of identifying the Bureau Number of a particular Grumman A-6E Intruder which was operated by VA-35 from the USS Saratoga in March 1994. I've found an indistinct picture of the aircraft which shows it had a Modex of 514 but I can't see its Bu No. Many thanks
  3. A question that has occurred to me about the recently released Wolf Pack resin wing fold sets and Goffy Model's set for the E2C Hawkeye. Is there a technical reason why both manufacturers have chosen to provide a complete replacement wing rather than just the hinge itself or the area of the wing adjacent to it?
  4. OK here's mine: Liberator from the BBC TV series Blakes' 7 Space 1999 Eagle Transporter Sulaco (spelling?) from Aliens
  5. Easy fix for this one. Use the Options button in the top right hand corner of the frame to change from "outline" to "standard" view. HTH Richard
  6. Okay, noted. It's a poormans Royal Air Force's TCS then ;) Sorry if my original response caused any unnecessary confusion: I was trying to think of an easy comparison. There are also some good photographs of the installation in Verlinden Productions Lock On book on the RAF's Phantoms.
  7. Not actually a bombing periscope but RAF's version of the Tomcat's TCS system. IIRC they were apparently recycled from retired Chieftain Tanks.
  8. On a related point are there any low-viz RF4B decals in 1/72nd scale?
  9. This might help you with some reference pictures: Primeportal
  10. A lot of the British tankers (Tristars and VC10s) have a dual tanker transport role which may explain the probe, I've also got some pictures of a VC10 being refuelled from a Tristar during an exercise: the VC10 is fitted with wing pods, apparently it remained on station to support the exercising fast jets whilst being "topped up" by the Tristar which only had a centreline refuelling point. The RAF's previous generation of tankers: Victor, Vulcan and Valiant were originally bombers so retained the refuelling probe from their previous role (not sure about the Valiant). During the Falklands War
  11. Yes - it's available from A2Zee Models: Clicky Linky
  12. These might help as well: Gnat Linky Thingy
  13. A quick question. Could the FB-111A carry AGM69 SRAM Missiles in its bomb bay: the only pictures/references I've found show them carried on the wing pylons. Thanks
  14. Here's a few more: Andover Buccaneer Canberra Comet Devon Gazelle Harrier T4 ?? Jetstream Lynx AH5 Piper Chieftain/Navajo Scout Viscount Wessex Some of the types operates by the ETPS have/had non-standard schemes, for instance their Lightning T5 and Eucril (Squirrel)
  15. I don't think the Sea Harrier ever carried a mixed load of BL755 CBUs and a 1,000 pound bomb. A more common load out during the early part of the campaign would be three CBUs or three 1,000 pund bombs on the centreline and outer wing pylons and two drop tanks or later in the war when the RAF GR3s had been flown south, a centreline 1,000 pound bomb, two drop tanks and two Sidewinders. HTH Richard
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