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  1. I haven't posted recently much, so here is "oldie" I finished 2 years ago. It was a great challenge to build the Czech kit, but the results compensated me for the hard work. Even though this is the best kit on the market available. the 1:1 original:
  2. Thank you very much gents! I'm honored tho see that you like it so much. I found a closer picture of the cockpit. You can find some additional images on my blog as well.
  3. I hope you'll like my F-5 an much as my Hellcat. The cockpit was detailed by scratch, and painted the the whole with MR Hobby Acrylics.
  4. Thank you very mutch gents! @nicholas: I built the base by myself from fir planks.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum, from Hungary, Budapest. I started this wonderful hobby 25 years ago, mainly planes. The model is basicly an Eduard model, a converted F6F-3. I airbrushed it with gunze acrylics, the decals are custom cut ones. I hope you like it! Steven Michalko For more pictures please check my blog.
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