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  1. I wasn't expecting this, but I actually like it better without the red tail, just the decals. Still "pops" really well but not "in your face" like. I like it.
  2. Fair point, wouldn't it be two different shades of red though?
  3. Oliver, With regard to the tail, how would you feel about a lightly faded/bleached effect, thus toning the "redness" down a bit? Wouldn't be too impossible with the aircraft parked on a carrier in the hot sun and ocean environment? Still think the tail would be a great addition to the diorama, breaks up all the grey tones you have. Just my 2 cents on the matter 🙃 ps. just realised you also have quite a bit of red in the rear section of your ground support vehicle, think the red tail would fit in pretty nicely along with it.
  4. Interesting approach with the brown instead of the standard black, definitely going to give this a try on my next project!
  5. I'd have to agree it would look a bit odd on a carrier. Having said that, and I know I'm going to receive a lot of flak about this but don't give a toss, I'm planning on giving my F-14 model an aggressor scheme as well, but still keep the VF101 tail because I like the look of the Grim Reaper. My thinking behind it all is that the aircraft was lend out to the TopGun school, but when it returned, they only painted the tail section again because the squadron liked the Russian scheme and wanted to show their support to TopGun. Call it artistic license for all I care. Oh, and even though VF101 was
  6. Oh I like that Oliver, very non-standard! Love the aggressor scheme 👍
  7. It never gets easier when the end is in sight, does it? I think your solution with the strip looks good & realistic to me (assuming it's the 1st photo that shows the strip at the bottom of the window). Keep up the great work, we're nearly there!
  8. Looks amazing in natural light Oliver! Really 'pops' with all those colours in the engine bays, loving it!
  9. It's like looking at the real thing, great work Oliver! And I especially like your own creative touch to it, it's (in my opinion) the only way of making a model truly yours. Well done!
  10. I think I'm in Love Oliver... No, I AM in love!! This is beyond unbelievable, put it next to the real think and people won't know which is which. 😍
  11. Stunning work Oliver, can't wait to see you paint the outside of this beast!
  12. Although you might be right on the realism part, I agree with Oliver on the yellow giving a better colour contrast and make for a more interesting diorama. Also, I strongly believe there should always be room for the modelers artistic license, thus making it his/her own. If we all did the exact same thing because reality dictates it, it would be a very boring hobby. Heck, a lot of model genres wouldn’t even exist.... Oliver, sterling job on your build and progress. I for one am loving it, especially because you’re making it yours. Keep doing your own thing!
  13. Hi Oliver, Thanks for sharing your approach, very interested to find out how it'll look when done. On a side note, something you'd probably like and appreciate, I'm planning on scratchbuilding a 1/5 copy of the S92 UK SAR cockpit, all the bells and whistles including. Your build has taught me so much and been such a huge inspiration and motivation that I've decided to give it a try myself. :)
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