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  1. Hi, I'm looking to do a 1:72 43Sqn Tornado F3 as the last one flying with the RAF, complete with Calibration markings, Camera Pods out the outer wings and a Meteor underneath. Does anyone do correct decals for 43Sqn in this scale and has anyone got any spare skyshadows and pylons I could have? willing to pay of course! TIA
  2. FS35483 is Testors 2032 or Vallejo 963 FS35052 is Vallego 965 or Humbrol 25 Hope this helps Chris
  3. Hi, from what I can see the Probe is the same as the French and Brit single seat but the nose cone it's mounted on looks like a different profile, I'll check the length tonight
  4. Any particular reason why the seat belts are done up when there's no aircrew? All the aircraft I've been on the seatbelts are left undone for the next person. Looks like a cracking model though!
  5. Is the Kitty Hawk model based on the UK or French version of the 2 seater? The French one uses the nose probe for AAR whereas the UK one doesn't I'll check the lengths when I get home for comparing the Uk twin with the French Single. Regards, Chris
  6. I remember seeing one of these Jets in Cyprus in 98, got shown around the outside but the Pilot who ditched one in the Moray Firth and got picked up by a rescue SeaKing with a film crew on board. Couldn't take photos but managed to snap one in the background of a Blackhawk there too!
  7. The GR1 only has one pod under the nose, the GR4 has 2 Regards, Chris
  8. And there'll never be a decent Astra ETPS jet as the cockpits are so different to a standard jet
  9. Hi there, just a quick question, Should the triangle be equalateral but angled to match the line of the camo line or should it be "was once a vertical equalateral triange with the lower edge cut to match the lower camo line"? I hope that made sense, the decal show the later but i've seen pictures online with the former. TIA Chris
  10. Must remember to wash parts before I try to paint them...
  11. Engine has been assembled, took some photos last night, minus the engine, just need to put them on photobucket then on here!
  12. As a break from 1:144 I went big (go big or go home!) and went 1:35. Given that the wingspan on my Eurofighter is 7cm, the RQ-7B is an impressive 12cm!! So far it seems like it'll be a pretty quick build, need to choose which decal option to go for, either one of the Shark mouths or The Immortal of which there are some photos on the interweb. At the mo, the fuse, wings, booms, tail, sensor head and undercarriage are assembled, engine is being painted (instruction order, what instruction order?) Photos to follow.
  13. As a departure from my normal 1:144 scale I've gone and brought a Stringbag. Currently planning to go for the Silver scheme from the box, with one wing out and one stowed. So far the wings and fuse are being drilled, wiring with strands of wire taken from cable. I've noticed that there are 2 lights, one in each wing but all the photos i've seen so far only have one in the port wing. Anything else I need to look out for? Regards, Chris
  14. So far I've worked on: (big breath) Tornado GR1 Tornado F2 Tornado F3 Tornado GR4 Jaguars Harvard Tigermoth Basset Cheiftain Andover Herc Harrier GR7/9 Gazelle Lynx Sea King Merlin Chinnok BAC 1-11 Alpha Jet Saab 105 Mirach UAV Interiors of Airbus A380 (Air France), B787-800 (China Southern/Xiamen), B747/B777 (Cathay Pacific) along with several others. I love my work!
  15. I'm planning to use single strands strippe from A/C cabling on mine
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