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  1. Wow. The ET turned out beautifully. The SSME’s will look great once all of the wiring is placed on and watch your step. Hopefully you won’t pick up what you’ve lost in the carpet with your feet. Mike.
  2. I’m glad someone helped you out on that issue. Again, I apologize on not getting back to you in a reasonable amount of time. All of the New Ware parts are still on the trees and in the box as I have been working on sanding the external tank to an exceptable smoothness to secure the parts properly. The photos you posted look really good though. Mike.
  3. Well. I managed to finish the second platform of my tower. Now on to the third. I’m watching closely at LVM Studios as they were working on the launch tower for the Saturn V rocket. If and when that becomes available, that may shift my plans for this project. Of course, I’ll probably be done with it by the time it is available. Mike
  4. I just recently purchased the Dragon 144 shuttle with sca. The cabin part is molded in clear plastic and represents the windows perfectly (in my opinion). There must be a way to replicate it. Maybe Shapeways can come with something. The only problem with it is they molded the star tracker and hatch on both sides. Anyhow. Hotdog has excellent decals. His attention to detail is well above and beyond any of the aftermarket ones. As soon as he gets his stuff together after his move, I’m sure he would be more than happy to print a set for you. Just let him know what orbiter you are depicting. By the way, which name are you planning on?
  5. I’ve been in a slow process of repopulating my Columbia thread after the big photobucket crash. I didn’t realize how many pictures I posted in it. It has a lot of good photos of that build. Anyhow, while dealing with the windows on the orbiter, things were just not going right. I had tried using the clear plastic to see through but sanding putty scratched it beyond repair. So I decided to just use it as a glue in part. I filled it with putty, shaped the area, primered it, masked the widow areas and painted it with a metallic dark grey. I made a window template with masking tape using a window decal I bought from Hotdog then painted the base white over it. I thought it turned out well. But I was always looking for away to deal with the window problems on the 144 scale. I just thought about it. Check out my Challenger build. Although it’s not finished, I believe I may have a photo of the windows on that. I did the same thing to it as I did to Columbia. Just a little thought for yourself. Keeping an an eye on your build. Mike.
  6. From the looks of your photos, Manfred, the piece turned out really good. I’m glad you caught the discrepancies and relayed them to us. I was about to purchase one. Kind of steap in price though. $75 US. But when I do it, it needs to be right. Oh and by the way. I apologize for not getting back to you on the PAL ramp dimensions from the New Ware products. I recently returned to work post ACL surgery and have been working nights. I’m still trying to readjust to a 3 on 3 off work schedule. Mike.
  7. Wow. Looks like I’m gonna have to build another Airfix stack. The New Ware stack set has a wrap for the intertank section. It’s pretty good with the detail, but I think it’s going to be a challenge trying to adhere it to the plastic. Plus the Revell model (as it is intended for) requires a lot of work sanding down the molded ribbing. I think I posted a few photos in my discovery build. The wrap is very thin. This new piece will definitely make things easier. I will need to buy a few when they are available. Nice job Manfred. The research you do is incredible. Mike.
  8. Good luck to you in how you want to tackle this project. I hope you post your progress. I’m interested to see what/how you use the Revell kit. I chose to scratch build for the challenge. Manfred (Spaceman) kind of inspired me to do so. I thought about using the kit also but thought since I would have to put in some scratch build, I might as well just scratch it in all. I bought the paper model for reference as it is a true 144 scale.
  9. I’m not near my hobby room so I’m gonna give it a go from memory. If I remember correctly, the post tubes and the main I beams are about 4 mm. I was going to use 6 mm on both, but I found that they are too big. 4 mm are about right but a whisker too small. Close enough according to the layout provided by the EDU-craft Dimensions. Some of the supporting sub beams are 3 mm and the smaller beams are about 2 mm. That allows me to place in the tubes that zig-zag the outer portion of the platform. Mike.
  10. Manfred. That 40 micron mesh screen would work perfectly. I'll see if I can get my hands on some to see how it would work. In the meantime... I used the screen that I have and gave it the first section a coat of grey paint using my new airbrush kit. It worked well. One day I'll have to practice on becoming a master airbrusher and work on small details as well as weathering. But for now I used it on my platform. I think the paint made it look better than it was when it was black. Another thing I noticed is on the top of the beams, the paint did not quite make it up there. So on the next run, I'll paint the beams before securing the floor. But all in all, I'm happy with what I came up with. Mike
  11. Manfred. At first I thought the same thing about the screen. And then I painted it yesterday. To me, the screen took the paint well and looks pretty good. I’ll get a photo of it up sometime today. I would've rather used the PE products from LMV Studios, but it is scaled to the Revell kit, it’s kind of expensive and right now not available. I had checked into only buying the portion with the tower. Oh oh and I meant “less than .5mm.” Thanks for catching that. Mike.
  12. Thanks for the info, Hotdog. I actually think I have found something that will probably work. Continuing on with my scratch task, I kept running into a couple of SNAFU's. I glued some of the beams to the wrong side of the elevator shaft in which I had to remove and re-glue new beams to. I have also started to put together one of my two Revell towers. Mostly to give my self a little change up while building from scratch. But also to show the difference in size from the various scales that Revell put together in the kit and would it should actually look like in a 1/144 scale. Meanwhile, I gave the orbiter another coat of paint to hide some of the initial blemishes. I covered them up well, but I think I may have left some of the masking tape on way too long as it pealed off some of the primer on the aft bulkhead. It's not a big deal since it will all be covered up with decals. Another issue I had was that I accidentally pushed on the overhead windows and it dislodged a little bit. Therefore, I'll have to go back and glue in some styrene, fill with putty and repaint. I really did like the way the New Ware replacement piece turned out. It has good detail and the body flap is fixed unlike the Revell kit. I finished with the structural beams on the 1st platform. I will finish with the lower part of the elevator shaft then place the floor on and take it to the paint booth to see how it will look painted. I also need to start adding the stair case to the structure, but I'm still torn between on scratch building the stairs or buying sets from Plastruct or Gold Medals Models. I found a roll of fiberglass door screen at the Home Depot. The mesh squares are less than .05 mm. and adhere to the styrene beams using CA glue. The picture below shows a test run of the floor joists. They do not come off. Well, until next time. Hopefully soon I'll get this portion painted. I just received my airbrush paint kit and will have to run some test patterns. Mike.
  13. Oh you tease..... Looking forward to seeing how they turned out. Mike.
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