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  1. DougE

    F-101 Voodoo...

    Awesome. Thanks 😄
  2. Spent a couple of hours looking for some aftermarket items for my Monogram 1/48 F-101 Voodoo model. I was mainly looking for either detailed injection seats or full cockpit detail set. Only thing I came across was Eduard Models PE set. Sadly, Eduard doesn't have them, but I did find the PE on another site. Just wondering if anyone who has built this kit found any other after market items? Thanks, Doug
  3. How does everyone paint the decking on their model ships? I've got an older Academy kit from the 90's of the Titanic and never painted wood decking. Any techniques to make the plastic decking look good? Thanks, Doug
  4. Man that's nice...like to get my hands on a kit to build one as well :D
  5. I'm after the samething with my Tamiya's Panzer IIIL.
  6. DougE

    Centurion help,

    Hey all, I'm looking for a model of the British Centurion, preferably the earlier version. Wanting one as when I'm done my Soviet T-55 I would like to build the Centurion to sit beside it...adversaries if WWIII ever took off at the time. Anyone know of any companies that build them? I didn't see any on Tamiya and I thought AFV had one too...but didn't see any either. Thanks, Doug
  7. Thanks for the info guys. I appreciate it. Question though. Would using CRC or WD40 cause any issues with painting though?
  8. When it comes time to do a full break down and give your airbrush a good full cleaning, what's a good cleaner to use? Is an ultrasonic cleaner a good idea? Thanks, Doug
  9. I'm curious to this as well. What other good cleaners are out there that are easily accessible for cleaning the airbrush? Doug
  10. Will check to see if the needle is set properly. Thanks Doug
  11. Hey all, A few weeks ago, I picked up a Badger 105 Patriot airbrush. Now, first off, it's been about 5 years since I've used a dual action, my first one was a Paasche VLS...cratered about 5 years ago. So now I've got the Badger 105. I was using it last night, playing around with it, trying to get a feel for it at different pressures...mainly 10-15psi (as recommended by Badger), up to 20psi and down to 5 psi. One thing I noticed when I was between 15-20psi, and sometimes even at 10psi, when I pressed down on the trigger to get airflow, the paint would come out before pulling back on it. That doesn't seem right to me at all. So I cleaned it out, tried again and got the same results. Paint I was using was Vallejo Model Air. 10 drops of paint, 4 drops of thinner. Second attempt was 10 drops paint to 2 drops thinner. I know VMA is supposed to be prethinned for airbrush use, but I've found that it helps with a little extra. Any suggestions as too what I could be doing wrong? Paint maybe too thin? Thanks, Doug
  12. Again...awesome stuff guys...thanks, Doug
  13. It's been a number of years since I built a model plane, but I'm about to start on building a 1/48 Hasegawa F-18 into a CF-18 and have a couple of questions. 1- When it comes to assembling the cockpit, would it be better to prime the interior before applying colours to it? 2- Panel shading. Never done this before. Is it best to practice on another work piece before hand? I do have an airbrush...Badger 105 Patriot, Compressor and so on. I do have Tamiya, Testor MM Acrylics, Vallejo Model Air for paints. Thanks, Doug
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