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  1. Got to page 3 - realised F-35 is a waste of tax payers money, X-32 is a museum dust collector, facepalmed the Australian Govt and moved on to cleaning my car. All that in less than 15 minutes.
  2. I wonder, just wonder how things would look today if the Boeing X-32 had been the bride not the bridesmaid. Always liked that look of the BDS bird. So Australia's bought the X-35 and it sounds like all it wil be good for is making noise at airshows. Comforting!
  3. I certainly look forward to seeing the finished model(s). The Hustler is right up there as being one of the most attractive (hot/sexy) aircraft to fly. insert boast here - Although I'm an Aussie, I am a current member of the B-58 Hustler Association.
  4. Holy cow that's amazing. I can't wait to see the RAAF Growlers. I've got both the 172 and 1/48 Growler kits to build and this is inspiration.
  5. Hi, I've got the IT kit and to my 52 year old Mk I eyeballs it doesn't appear to be overdone. Cannot comment on the ACA version, have only seen pictures. I thought the eccentuated RAM is only painted to stand out on the LRIP aircraft and was of the understanding that full production aircraft will be basic squadron schemes therefore the RAM will be significantly less noticeable. Back to the IT kit, I can live without the weapons load (I'll scratchbuild my own pylons if I want to add weapons) but the IT comes with a complete engine and that won it for me from a maintenance diorama perspectiv
  6. Today I saw a RAAF Wedgetail inbound to RAAF Base Edinburgh. Didn't get the tail number and no pics I'm afraid.
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