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  1. Hi Geoff. I build in 1/144 scale. I usually use the flat side of hobby knife blade like EXACTO or equivalent to place the cut out stencils like "NO PUSH" or "NO STEP" etc. Then I drip a small droplet of water onto the cut stencil and wait out about 40-60 secs. I then use a small section of paper towel of fine brush to take away some of the water once the decal begins to ease off its backing. I bring the blade as close as possible to the wing/fuselage and using a toothpick, slide it onto the kit. I then use a moistened flat brush to press down the decal. Once it is in place I applied some soft
  2. Thanks for all the nice comments. The vast information online plus the easy availability of material and tools that made such builds feasible. Oh by the way I did a typo error in the above write-up. The year was 2019 ( as printed on the display base) and not 2015 when the special Volkel markings was applied on the real bird. Cheers.
  3. Here's my finished built of a HAF F-4E AUP to add to my HAF builds. Did quite a lot of scratch-builds e.g. the slats, IFF bird slicers antenna, the various extrenal sensors, rebuilding of the gun fairing and the travel pods. As usual added the crew and scratch-build seats. Tried my best to replicate the upgraded IPs for the pilot and WSO. Created the special tail and drop tank markings for S/N 72-01507 from Hellenic 338 SQN Ares which took part at the Volkel Airshow 2015. Minimal weathering was applied as it was a demo bird. Also no heavy exhaust smoke stains were applied as I understand that
  4. Nice build and paintwork, Geoff. Cheers S K Loh
  5. Hi Gregg. Thanks for your compliments. Cheers. S K Loh
  6. Hi spejic. Thank you for your nice comments. Yes, the original kit is bare. This is by far an extensive amount of mods that I have to put in to bring the build to a reasonable resemblance of actual plane I hope. The seats were scratch-built too. Glad that you Best regards S K Loh
  7. Here's my rendition of a F-15SG an advanced variant of the F-15E Strike Eagle. I used the Academy 1/144 F-15 kit to implement the necessary modifications using scratch-built parts. Had to cut out the cockpit to add the crew and seats and dressed up the cockpit. Had the kit canopy replaced as it was that of a F-15A/C. Added the scratch-built CFTs and pylons. Added the MAWS and the relevant external bumps as well. Created my own decals depicting S/N 8322 with the Best Fighter Squadron Award 2019 badge on the CFT near to the air intake. 142 SQN was formed in 1976 flying th
  8. Hi Geoff. Nice paintwork.
  9. Very nice 1/144 builds. Nice dioramas too.
  10. Hi Thadeus. Very nice builds you have. Best regards
  11. Hi Thadeus. Thank you for your comments. It is just effort in wanting to build a reasonable looking model of the real thing in 1/144 scale that provides the drive. Coupled with lots of patience having to put in time in putty filling and sanding down to get that one-piece look. The internet provides the rich resource that I can search for and the easy availability of building material these days the enable me to realize this outcome. We know that at 1/144 scale, most kits have shortcomings otherwise it can become price prohibitive to buy one. Glad that you like it. Here's wishing you and all AR
  12. A nice 1/72 F-5N there, Storm. Like the camo scheme. Best regards S K Loh
  13. Thank you spejic. I am glad that I am able to continue my childhood hobby with 1/144 scale kits out of space constraints. And hope to do so for many years to come. Thanks for the link to the decal templates attached.
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