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  1. Hi spejic. Thank you. The Tempest does look that way after having getting the color shade closer to what it should look like. Cheers
  2. This is an old built I did many years back. Looking at it I realised that the color scheme I painted was not of the correct shade. I was hoping to get another new kit from the LHS but to no avail. Instead I decided to do a makeover to see how it turned out. I strip off the decals and sand down the original paintwork. Had it smoothen down and then followed by some simple scribing to create some essential panel lines. Did the mixing of Mr Hobby colors to get the right shade for the Dark Ocean Grey/Dark Green camo. Printed new decals for it. After much contemplation I de
  3. Yes. The sidewinder rails were moulded wrong way round. Re-build the nose for the shark nose style using plastic strip. Replaced the original exhaust which appeared too tapered with 4mm size tube thinned down from the inside. And then the RWRs and AOA add- ons. Created an ECS vent on the left side of the canopy.
  4. Here's another build using the Revell F-5E kit to convert it to a VFC-13 F-5N Fighting Saints. The build approach is similar to my earlier build of the VMFT-401 F-5N. I decided to have it painted in the lizard scheme as I quite liked the colour scheme. Enjoy the photos. Here's wishing all ARCers and modellers alike a very Merry X'mas and Happy New Year 2024 ahead. S K Loh
  5. Using the Revell F-5E Tiger II kit 03947, I converted it into a F-5N operated by VMFT-401 "Snipers". I used scratch-built parts to add in the RWRs. Re-shaped the nose to depict the shark nose. Scratch-built the ACMI pod as well. Decals were self-made. Had it painted in the two-tone gray and light blue scheme. Incidentally today marks the 248th Anniversary of the USMC. Happy Anniversary to USMC. Oorah!!! Enjoy the photos. S K Loh
  6. Hi kellyF15. Thank you. I just realised that I did a typo error in my text. I missed out the decimal point on the drill-out for the landing light. It was a 0.3mm drill bit I used. Then used a very fine jewel file to create the recess hole. Cheers
  7. This is a 1/144 Eduard kit in a plastic packing. I had been wanting to get hold of a Mig-15bis to complete my built of a specific event that took place on 16 Apr 1953 during the Korean War after having built a F-86F Sabre flown by Capt Joseph McConnell. I had hoped to complete my build to post on 16 Apr to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the event but unfortunately I overran my schedule as the built was not an OOB effort. The kit is well define with good details. I had only to make minor additions and modification as well as markings to make it into a Mig-15 bis bearing the b
  8. Hi Jack. The display base is a off-the-shelf display box from a Japanese merchandise store Daiso in Singapore. They have expanded and have located in US and Canada (more in the States). I then searched for whatever pics and info on the aircraft I am building and have them printed on decal paper. Then comes the laborious part. I had to apply several coats of Future to give a pretty smooth finish. Light sanding down may be required in between. Then finally finish off with a polish. For the post, I simply use a plastic S hook, cut it to length drill and insert guide pins using 2x5mm wires and glu
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