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  1. PM sent for the Tamiya 1/32 F-16CJ. Ed,
  2. CD48130 - 1/48 F-16C Anniversary Vipers

    KursadA, i sent you a PM. Did you received it? Best regards! Ed,
  3. gtresinproducts.com is LIVE!!!!!!!!!!

    Awesome news Gary, the F-16ADF conversion will requirer the search light, IFF antennas (Bird Slicers) eight 8 port gun muzzle ADF tail plus type A/B wheels. I could provide you with photos of the following if you need some. Ed,
  4. gtresinproducts.com is LIVE!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Gary, would it be possible for you to make a 1/32 F-16ADF conversion set which is much needed for the Tamiya kit? I'm pretty sure it will be a hot item among your other top sellers. Ed,
  5. Some stuff FS/FT

    Bump! Ed,
  6. Some stuff FS/FT

    You welcome Jimz66. Ed,
  7. Some stuff FS/FT

    Jimz66, i could do that for you. I'll put it a side for you until August. Just shoot me a PM when you are ready to pushase the kit. Thanks for looking! Ed,
  8. I'm still looking for these deacls. If anyone has a set that they want to sell please send me a pm. Thanks! Ed,
  9. Hi all, Long shot with this one. I am looking for this decal sheet. If anyone on this thread has a sheet and is willing to part with them please let me know. Thank you in advance. Ed,
  10. Some stuff FS/FT

    Bump with new prices. thank you for looking. Ed,