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  1. I have this one for the Hasegawa kit though. $15 shipped to you if you’re in the USA. Ed,
  2. Can you please send me the correct email address. exactly the way it is ? I sent you a email but I guess you didn’t received it. This is my email peterandmacho@yahoo.com Ed,
  3. Title says it all. $60 plus shipping from area code 08859 Ed
  4. Dan, my apologies. I haven’t been able to go to the post office. Long hours at work. I should have a definite answer by Saturday. Ed,
  5. That sounds good! I’ll keep you posted with the totals as soon as I find out. Thank you again. Cheers! Ed,
  6. Sure! $10 USD sounds good for the 600 gallon fuel tanks? Ed,
  7. Not a problem. I’ll let you know as soon as I get the total with shipping. Thank you Dan. Ed,
  8. I’ll send you the total amount with shipping once I get the info. Thank you! Ed,
  9. Okay cool! Are you building a SUFA? Are you looking for anything else for it? I have a few other stuff for sale for the SUFA if you are interested. I accept PayPal. This is my PayPal tnbrivera705@gmail.com Ed,
  10. I have it for sale. $80 plus shipping from New Jersey USA. It’s missing the tires and I believe the control stick. I can send you photos of what’s in the box. The box is not in the best shape but everything in it is in good order. Ed,
  11. Wing mechanics are sold. Thank you for looking. Ed,
  12. I’m selling a set of 1/48 B-1B wing mechanics brand new in the box. ( For Revell / Monogram kit). Asking $125.00 plus shipping in the CONUS only. Ed,
  13. Hi, title says it all, I’m willing to trade for one of the following. 1/48 Tamiya F-14D Tomcat or the 1/48 Tamiya F-4B Phantom II. Please let me know if you have one that you would like to trade. Thank you in advance. Ed,
  14. Mike, my apologies. I have a set in my stash that I was going to send him but you already did the good deed. Thank you for that. Cheers! Ed,
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