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  1. Jake, can you please make some decals of this jet? Ed,
  2. KursadA, would you in a near future consider on doing decals for a PRANG WC-130? They have a new tail bands on their WC-130s. Cheers! Ed Rivera
  3. KursadA, thank you for the quick reply on my question. Sad to know that there is no pics on these jets available. Ed,
  4. KursadA, do you have any pictures of F-104C Debbie Sue that you can share? I would like to see a tail shot of this jet with the Texas flag on it. Thank you in advance. Ed,
  5. Sounds good Shane! I will mail out the decals as soon as i get home from work around 2:30pm eastern time. Thank you again! Ed,
  6. Bullet100, I have a partial sheet that i will sell to you. I only used the VC-8 part of it and everythig else on the partial sheet looks good. Are you in the USA? best Regards! Ed Rivera
  7. JetMang, I have a brand new sheet that I am willing to part with. Please let me know if you are still looking for these decals. I live in New Jersey 08859 area code. Ed,
  8. JetMang, I have a brand new sheet that I am willing to part with.
  9. Jake, I can deffenetly wait for these. Thank you so much! Ed,
  10. I am looking for 1/32 A-10C Blacksnakes Decals. If anyone has these decals and would like to sell them please let me know. Thanks in advance! Ed,
  11. PM sent for the Hasegawa 1/48 A-4M Skyhawk VMA-131 Diamonbacks (0952) $35 and the Hasegawa 1/48 F-14D VF-213 Black Lions Last Cruise 09683 $40 Ed,
  12. Andy, Do you have any 1/48 Tamiya F-16s or 1/48 Hasegawa A-7D for trade? I will trade you for any of these two-2 kits or you rather buy it? Plesae let me know if you have any of these two-2 kits and we will take from there. Best Regards! Ed Rivera
  13. I have P-20 which is the F-14A VF-1 'Wolf Pack' boxing brand new for $35 plus shiping form New Jersey 08859 area code. If interested please let me know. Ed,
  14. Whiskey, don't feel bad because he is not giving these books out for free! This thread is to comunicate and to ask questions and if it bothers you so much don't open this thread!! Period!! Ed,
  15. Jake, Any update on the SLUF Guide? When can we expect this jem to be out for sale? Ed,
  16. Or even a correct F-16ADF version that is much needed. Ed Rivera
  17. Hi, my name is Eduardo Rivera, i wanted to ask you how much are you asking for the 1/18 F-14? Ed,
  18. Some 1/32 156th / 198th PRANG F-16 and A-7 decals would be great. I can provide some pics for them.
  19. Absolutely beautiful Jake! This is great news on these 1/32 F-15C decals. Ed,
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