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  1. Welcome to spamalot let’s not go there, it’s a silly place (Graham Chapman) “the holy grail”
  2. I've got these, left over from an RVHP 1/72 B-200 Super Kingair Yours if you want them
  3. Just bought a set from above and below graphics…or decals or something…”above and below” is right at least beautiful decals. Doing a vac CP-140 in 1/48
  4. I’ve removed the blades from the hub and airbrush painted a black stripe on the spinner on a 109, it looks fairly convincing, same thing with a B-17 but left one prop intact with the blades feathered….may be able to see images of it on scalemates it’s a “Higher Call” vignette in 1/32
  5. I can’t offer much, any actually, info on aftermarket props and such. I’ve built 3 RVHP beech 200 kingairs and 4 Amodel beech 1900’s used the wings from one Amodel 1900 on an RVHP 200 because it had the wrong nacelles for my project…I’m babbling, the RVHP and Amodel kits have decent landing gear and props, could be possible donors?
  6. Check again? I just received an order from about 2-3 weeks ago, the Zacto man was down with an injury, I believe he’s up and running again
  7. welp... 9 days from order received to parts being fitted to the model, I'm calling that a record! If you've never ordered from Zacto (like me) do so in confidence, his product and service is top notch. Back to work on my Sufa now
  8. I believe he does this as a sideline hobby, he apparently is in the military (or something) and is away from home for extended periods. I have placed a (pre-paid) order for his future release of a 1/72 ATR kit in resin, when I placed the order he informed me he wouldn't be in contact for the first part of 2019 as he was being deployed somewhere. If he was fooling me, shame on him, I prefer to believe he'll come through with the goods as he did on the previous order...your mileage may vary.
  9. Amazing talent with the airbrush and paint work! WOW!
  10. Not so bad I think, a prolonged wait for product but delivered the kits as ordered, I ordered 1 Casa 235 and Casa 295 in January it was May when they arrived but they did arrive, and are beautiful kits
  11. Yes please I would definitly like to see pictures of the plane as it is now my email is chris.parsons@sasktel.net
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