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  1. TedTaylor

    Site updated

    Sorry guys but it seems the sites are being moved at present and not working hope that they will be up again soon Ted
  2. The sites are being moved and not working at the moment sorry about that, hope to be up again soon. Ted
  3. finished the scratchbuilt trailer recently and have now added a page to my truck stop site http://www.tedtaylor.hobbyvista.com/01-tru...truck-stop.html follow the link to Zeibig trailer. Enjoy Ted
  4. TedTaylor

    Site updated

    OK chaps, if you want to read my thoughts on the Revell Lancaster then here it is http://www.tedtaylor.hobbyvista.com/index.html. follow the link on the latest updates Enjoy Ted
  5. The model lookd great, must do mine sometime soon. Regarding black undercoat what was wrong with what you did? I only use Humbrol gloss black under my silvers I think Alclad may affect Tamiya's acrylic black. Ted
  6. Shesto sells glass paint jars for the Badger airbrush 30 and 25 ml just bought some myself this week. Ted
  7. Thanks trigger most enlightning
  8. TedTaylor

    Big P-47D

    This is a new release of the large 1/24th scale P-47, it comes with two US markings ,two British and one French . lots of detail but as it is so large there is plenty of scope for super detailers to go to town. I have just wired up the engine and added a few details here and there Enjoy Ted
  9. Hey Jim that looks pretty good. what is the metallic paints thing ? I have not seen that. Next time you are over I'll give you a bunch of 72nd pilots as I never use them. regards Ted
  10. Errrmmm, I think I might be there Fri, Sat and Sun, just behind the Revell stand doing my demos with airbrushes, pop along and say hello and introduce yourselves Ted Taylor
  11. although I haven't used the gun nose I am building it for display and these are the doors with the tiny hinges that come in the kit
  12. Been building this for three weeks now with Cutting edge sets ready for painting nearly these items are all resin and just slip straight onto the kit fuselage the new nacelles on the booms will not take the later engines the kit provides so I was able to add my lead shot in them instead. I have used Zap a gap to fix all the resin and what look like gaps here and there are realy full with the Zap the white areas are Revell Plasto filler, generally the parts are a good fit but you just have to clean up the joints. the engines are little gems on their own but you have to use the top of
  13. Todays test post photo When I saw this I was amazed, I never knew it was in the RAF inventory I was using my new camera and knew I had to record it. I spoke to the two crew members who told me that the radar / intel crew were not on duty today as they were all at the Physio's being straightened out (well it is quite small inside the "office") he also mentioned that the RAF were about to start a new recruitment drive for some shorter personnel from perhaps the tank regiments or submarine service. At first I didn't believe the guys but as you can see the camera never lies Ted Taylor :)
  14. Ted Taylor, yes I made it this year and was great to put some faces to names oh BTW i am between Julien and flankerman.
  15. name='Dogsbodyx' date='Nov 20 2006, 09:06 PM' post='904517'] Absolute rubbish, White spirit to BS245 standard is excellent for thinning enamels but not realy strong enough for cleaning. I have used it for the last thirty years and you may have seen some of my work. Lacquer = Cellulose in Britain; Cellulose will clean an airbrush to some extent but a very expensive product to waste like that, for enamels, Polyclens or "paint brush cleaner" (in some shops) a clear blue liquid is so much cheaper and works very well. I bought my litre bottle from the local chemist shop (Pharmacy)
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