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  1. Revell 1/72 Fw-190 F-8, numbers are taken from my old stock
  2. this kit dont have exhaust pipes. i take it from Eduard box. glue it all together and started painting
  3. I hope it will be easily and quickly The cockpit <a href='https://postimg.cc/Fd15ZsKV' target='_blank'><img src='https://i.postimg.cc/Fd15ZsKV/SAM-6406.jpg' border='0' alt='SAM-6406'/></a>
  4. I am on vacation, and I need small victorious war this kit and GB term will make ideal couple
  5. Received my package today. The book is great!!! Thank you all!!!!
  6. I walk this way twice, because Trumpeter have very wide air intakes and primitive landing gear. Except IRST, you need to remake the instrument panel (Su-27S have analog instrument, Su-27SM - LED displays), and make antennas of "Bereza" station on outer sides of the air intakes. one more - Zvezda gives the wrong sight
  7. I think that before the end of the GB I will have time for one more birdie
  8. very interesting GB! I am in with CF-5A from italery
  9. Decals on the place winter finish is coming
  10. When i am use black primer, the line of preshadig is dont needed. the center of the panel is painted over stronger, and near lines paint remains translucent paint job is done
  11. Thank you guys! little continue: evolution of the seat glue airbrakes in closed position. use small secret for this and ready for paint
  12. next step is cocpit side panels paint by brush, instrument panel - decals from my old reserves.
  13. Hi all! I am with you again, and i am very happy! My first choose for this GB is little bird. certificity.com for first i glue some parts. fit is very good, only outer pilons have a gap. So I first glued the top, then cut out a little in the middle and stuck it from the bottom
  14. Thanks to tobiK and Crazy Snap Captain for this GB! Thanks to sponsors! whats next?
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