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  1. FireFlyer


    Please contact me using the address I included in my original post.





  2. Email Dave.... he doesn't use the PM here. Address in first posting. Regards FF
  3. Hi Mike,

     Yes, please do.  If you can scan them or photo copy them that would be great. I would

    love to have a print copy that is not cut off (that is what I get from the Scalemates site when printed).


    Steve Sliger

    Greenwell Springs, LA


  4. I have this kit. I could take photos of the instructions and either email or text to you. Shoot me a PM if you want to try this route. Mike
  5. If I keep buying from you.... you might.... lol
  6. I'll take this set. 1/32 Cutting Edge CED32039 F4F Wildcat (#VMF-121, 221, 223) $10.00 PM inbound. FF
  7. Bob What price are you looking for to sell outright? Thanks, Mike
  8. Have to give a huge Shout Out to "BuckeyePhantomPhan" on his recent package deals. Not only was he offering an amazing shipped price for 3 kits he even threw in a bonus kit! One of the greats! Thanks!
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