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  1. I just built a 144 scale KC-135 it was an old Revell kit dated 1957 and the decals have yellowed. Is there a way to fix them? Ron
  2. Well I did a bunch of searching and found 2 on ebay . Then II went nuts and bought a series of detail sets for the interior so found myself looking for oxygen tanks and believe it or not found them too on ebay
  3. I know someone makes these things but the only one I can find is from Russia and they will not ship to the u.s.! Then there are people who can possibly make one on a 3d printer but I don't know who they are. anybody got any ideas??
  4. I have a hankoring to build a P-51D (Lou IV) n 1//48 scale. So please help with the following questions. #1 Which kit would you start with one that gives the most bang for the buck. #2 I know the tail is different are there any other changes to the fuselage. #3 Finally has it ever been determined the upper paint color..
  5. My plan is to do a UH-1D with door gunners from my era Viet Nam. I found a Dragon 1/35 "D" model on ebay but the guy wanted $250 for it. Some guy with more money than brains bought it. I'm not a collector, I buy models to build so I'm stuck with the Revell UH-1D in 1/32 scale but I can get the crew with weapons in 1/35 scale. The Reedoak figures look very nice but with all that detail they must be very hard to paint and I'm an old fart! 😉
  6. I know someone has tried this and was wondering just how much scale difference it would be and if it is possible. I was thinking of building a UH-1D but the crew figures I want to use are 1/35 scale while the copter is 1/32. Your help or advice is needed before I go throwing money at it. Thanks Ron
  7. The crew ladder you have is correct but you need to add an L shaped bracket that would hook over the canopy sill to keep it in place. FYI the "rivets in the tail section with the big washers were actually phillips head screws with dimple washers. There are two actuating arms on the photo flash doors on the forward side that opened and closed them. Revell also got the tail fin cap wrong as it is too tall and there is a triangular window (think Toblerone) under the side looking cameras. The 2 side looking cameras were called the "tri met system" and the KA-56 camera would look through the trian
  8. Can anyone suggest a web site that A) shows the internal deck layout and B) railings. Model in question is the pit road 1/700 Shirayuki Thanks Ron
  9. Can anyone suggest a web site that A) shows the internal deck layout and B) railings. Model in question is the pit road 1/700 Shirayuki Thanks Ron
  10. Beautiful build and since I just got my "Revell", "Matchbox" molded in Poland kit you answered a few questions I had but also added a few more questions! One question was how did you make the instrument panels? Second question where did you get the wheels?? The kit wheels look like something a Bush Pilot might use on his Piper Cub! Yours look like small Navy style wheels, would they be appropriate for USAF versions?
  11. Title says it all except for the scale 1/48. So if anyone has a one piece F-4 Phantom canopy by Hasegawa in 1/48 scale please let me know and we can hopefully work something out. Thanks Ron
  12. Actually I bought a Monogram kit first and started trying to modify it but again the wheel wells were too deep so I modified them and found it didn't help much as the intakes on the kit itself needed an extreme amount of modifiying. That's when I snagged the Testors RF-18 kit and the work was about half that of the Monogram kit and a lot more doable. You would think they should all be similar and dimensioned correctly but the kit makers have their own way of doing things right or wrong. Ron
  13. 1/48 scale, yeah pain and suffering for sure but if it works it will be worth it. Definately a challenge!! Ron
  14. I have an F-18C model (Hasegawa kit) coming and want to put intake trunks on it but want to know if anyone has had some experience putting them in? Will they be easy to install? I bought a set of trunks made for the Hasegawa kit and am trying to put them in a Testors kit but it's taking a lot of work as the wheel wells are too deep. Yeah I know, lipstick on a pig right but the intakes and exhaust (which are very easy to make fit) will make the model for me. Ron
  15. Yes That does help!! I can only find one picture on the net, do you know of any detailed shots of it? Ron
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