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  1. azzaob

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    AMK F-14D kit now showing 15/1/19 release date via Hobbyeasy.com, with the weapons set down for 22/12/18 release...
  2. azzaob

    Meteor NF 11/13 1/48 conv

    without making a comment on the quality of the resin, this looks to be a far more reasonable way of getting an 1/48 NF Meteor, given the arm and leg prices the CA kit has been going for on Ebay, or at least was earlier in the year when I was looking...
  3. azzaob

    NZ model shops

    Hi Ryan Can only speak for Auckland, and I don't know your transport arrangements, but here's my take: Hobbycity - Lunn Ave, East Auckland - lots of 1/72 and 1/48 Hasegawa kits at the mo, as well as Airfix/Academy/Trumpeter etc...but not that cheap, more RC-focused really, but does have a fair selection of plastic scale-modelling supplies etc..and the odd in-store specials on kits. Modelair - just off Dominion Road, Central-ish Auckland - real deal LHS scale-modelling hobby store - retail pricing [obviously], but knowledgeable friendly staff and some good in-store-only pricing on kits, decent supplies Stoker Models - in Greenlane - about 1km from Greenlane roundabout on State Highway One -quite diecast/car model focused, but does have a decent supply of aircraft kits - wide range of brands, and again, some good in-store pricing of kits Modelroom - in Papakura - outer Auckland - only bought from them online, but the owner is very friendly and knowledgeable, prices seem pretty decent, but haven't set foot in the shop so cannot really say much more. Hope this helps, PM m if you want more details? Aaron
  4. azzaob

    1/72 B-52 wing box fix

    Here's the link to the relevant USAF Sig post http://www.usaf-sig.org/Forum/index.php?topic=345.msg1529#msg1529 mentioned in the HS article, HTH.
  5. azzaob

    CD48134 - 1/48 F-94A/B Starfire

    Great news...another set to add to the Caracal collection of decals :)
  6. azzaob

    CD72058 - B-52H Stratofortress

    Good idea if possible :)
  7. azzaob

    1/32 A-7 Intake Correction

    Great news, just ordered one :) Thank you for all your efforts! Aaron
  8. azzaob

    CD72056 - 1/72 B-1B Lancer

    Awesome, just ordered them :) Great upgrade for the kit...now just got to wait for the Barracuda resin to be released!
  9. azzaob

    A few sheets are almost gone..

    Cheers for the heads up Kursad, now 5 Lakenheath Eagles remaining :)
  10. azzaob

    ICM 1/48th MIG-25 RBT already at HLJ (pre-order)

    Hobbyeasy has the kit at US53 [pre-order].
  11. azzaob

    CD72058 - B-52H Stratofortress

    They may well be. The greatest increase in size is at the intake end, and of course much more detail. They look much more 'meatier' than the kit engines.
  12. azzaob

    For Prowler fans

    They look very nice Jeffery. I purchased two sets of your Intruder intake/exhausts, very classy items!
  13. azzaob

    CD72058 - B-52H Stratofortress

    Hi Jonah Here are a few pics I took of the B-52H engine set I bought from Mike West/Lone Star a month or two back. Nice stuff. Hope they give you some idea of the quality.
  14. azzaob

    1/48 Academy F-18F

    very nice work Darren :)
  15. azzaob

    New 1/48 Kinetic Hornet Kits

    Here's the WIP http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=293721