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  1. Here's my latest build. I had the pleasure to fly this aircraft as an F/O several times and indeed my last flight for the company was on it as well. Sadly she has now been repainted in BA colours. It's the Revell kit with modifications to the engine intake, winglets, window line and a few other minor mods. Markings are from Draw Decals, they were a little thick and had a texture on them. Probably from the double printing. Looks alright in the end. Stencils all came from the Revell kit and they were excellent. This was my first (and probably last) airliner as I prefer military subjects, thought
  2. Nice looking Tomcat, great weathering! One thing I never liked about the Academy Tomcat was the front windshield never looked right.
  3. That's a sweet looking Vark, interesting modex too.
  4. Thanks for the comments and warm welcome. I will definitely post more of my work. It's nice to touch base with like minded individuals.
  5. Thanks! I like the 'dirty' look too on my Navy jets. All that re-scribing paid off!
  6. Been lurking for years, here's some pics of my latest build. More or less out the box just a few scratch built items and CAM data stencils added.
  7. Sorry wrong forum, can't find the option to delete the topic.
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