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  1. With the imminent release of some goodies for the Cobra I decided to drag this very old topic out of the attic. You might remember I added some millimeters to the helo to improve the accuracy. Well, according to some the error is not in the overall length but in the cockpit area, sooo I decided to re-shorten one of the aircraft. So this is where I am now. I'll keep you updated.
  2. I'm already working on it! :D I'll finish the one with turned exhausts and digital camo first.
  3. Really great dio. I love the kneeling soldier on the look out; adds a little tension.
  4. Great progress! Love the GAU-19.
  5. Great progress!! Good luck with your surgery.
  6. Agree with Ray: great work on the mounts! I know I shouldn't ask but what happened to the 50.cal muzzle?
  7. Great start, Gino! And wow! You started using PE!!
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