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  1. Hi Antonio.Thank you for the great link.I'll often visit it along the building.I strongly feel that I need to improve the quality of painting and to practice the control of weathering.So I took into account about priority when I started.Thank you again.
  2. Hello Niels. Yes,I removed the fin fillet in unskilled way many years ago,and have left a hole to fill now .
  3. The Hasegawa is an old kit.But it can still please you with its crispy panel lines and smooth kit parts.And the Meng is sort of new thing. The Hasegawa mustang had few rivets.I didn’t bother to look for a rivet drawing because I would try to copy the meng’s. I put those parts of the two mustangs side by side. Thanks for watching!
  4. Let’s talk about the Meng mustang.Frankly,I assumed the kit would slightly like a toy for a kid before I took one.The assumption even remained when I started cutting parts off sprues.My assumption proved to be bias against it after I’ve dry-fitted most of parts many times.I think the way Meng engineered its mustang,the so-called glue-free oriented,has brought me a new expectation on modeling experience.Personally,one important thing about the engineering is to find a point which can balance the need of glue free and the need of glue need.The glue-free design can really make me happy.But it wou
  5. Hello everyone.I’ve started a new project.The building follows the same pattern as the previous one.I picked up the Hasegawa mustang kit,an early version D model.And her wingman comes from Meng,a mustang D/K kit which is a little unconventional to me. The building of the Hasegawa mustang was started at 2008,roughly a month and a half after I started and gave up the Tamiya wild cat.What happened to me at that time,who knows. I got the Hasegawa kit box in which a number of parts had been cut off ,trimmed and sanded 10 years ago.I even scratch built a gun sight and a radio s
  6. Thank you Sean! I got same feel after read your comment .War birds in combat acted much more crazily for life than those in pre war. Feng
  7. Yes,pretty sure.Thank you sir ,for your comments and encouragment! Feng
  8. Thanks for watching .Happy modeling ! just for fun. move to my next project,see you.
  9. OK, I've got the job done.I had not finished one kit for at least 10 years before I finished the two wild cats this time .Building the two kits was for practice. update last batch of pics. photos took in artificial light by my cell phone. in sun light (midday and afternoon)
  10. wow,I havent touched the prowler kit,but according to what i heard about it,the kit is not very easy to build,especially,when involving AM.You've got 25 in production line.You are building a fleet.what a great project!
  11. I had similar experience when using that plastic putty.Maybe I applied it in wrong place.Now I use gaianotes m-03r,it works fine. beautiful cockpit painting.
  12. The method sounds tempting .I will try it on my next building.I've had good impression on Mr color leveling .Thank you captain . As for color hue of X-22 ,I did met several times during my cats building.In my case ,the X-22 diluted by X-20A turned yellowish after be in the container for about thirty mins or so.The products involved are new,I think the reason could be on the container .I use small disposable plastic cups(used for medicine distribution to patients),they are transparent and very thin. And thanks Joe for your guidance.
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