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  1. Instruments. Sorry, I can not adjust the focus on such small parts.
  2. All the circuits in the back are installed. The welding line at the fan cover has been removed.
  3. Memphis

    Willys Jeep 1:24 scale

    Great job!
  4. Memphis

    Tamiya M1A1 Abrams With Mine Plow

    Good job. Very clean, IMHO.
  5. Thank you, guys. I like adding details more than quickly getting the finished model. Ripaman, your work with metal is worthy of respect.
  6. No, I did not use the template. I marked distances. The chain is made by hand
  7. Small progress of work
  8. I'm very glad that you liked my work. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time in order to achieve fast progress, be patient
  9. Silenoz, i understand, but I think that my way to organize gallery is more reasonable, because later I'll post more photos and I don't want to 'stretch' page with full-size pics. I don't understand how you performed such gallery. Could you show step by step how you did it?
  10. I do not understand what this is about. You need to click on the pictures to make them bigger. I continue to work