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  1. I have several sets, but I haven't used them yet. The base of the decal is thin and you should practice on unused elements.
  2. Hey, guys. A few time ago I bought Eduard's MiG-15 UTI. I want to do vietnamese aircraft. But I found only one real photo aircraft and some drawings (from Squadron Signal series). Maybe anybody has more photos. Thanks.
  3. My jaw has fallen under the table and only a 100 ton crane can lift it. Bravo!
  4. Memphis

    Zvezda C-130

    I wouldn't advise to use parts by Arma-Models. They made a mistake: their parts don't have left long fairing for AC-130H. AC-130H: C-130H:
  5. It looks very well! Great work!
  6. Congratulations! Great work!
  7. Congratulations! Really interesting project and awesome work!
  8. Brilliant work. I'm having a lot of fun watching you work with this kit!
  9. Congratulations! Great work. Your experience will be very useful for me in future.
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