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  1. It looks very well! Great work!
  2. Congratulations! Great work!
  3. Congratulations! Really interesting project and awesome work!
  4. Brilliant work. I'm having a lot of fun watching you work with this kit!
  5. Congratulations! Great work. Your experience will be very useful for me in future.
  6. Do you have this book? https://www.dacoproducts.com/KDCB003.php
  7. Version N did not take part in the hostilities, but carried out the protection of aircraft carriers from Soviet aircraft. 2-4 AIM-7 and 2-4 AIM-9, drop tanks under the wing or central. If you want to use bombs, it is possible to install practical bombs (TER) two rocket launchers (LAU-10, LAU-68, LAU-3). This is J or S.
  8. Really interesting. I also have this kit. Do you already know what variant you will build?
  9. Very interesting and amazing work!
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