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  1. As to the expense of the models, do you feel it's justified? Considering the other genres I build, I find GW's pricing obscene. However, that's what comes with having a monopoly.
  2. Fantastic! The person who pointed me in the direction of ARC said it's the best place for advice. Thanks!
  3. I have serious styrene lust for this kit, and it's cool to see them lit up. I was wondering if that was possible. The only "issue" I have with it is, no hands; I like my mecha to have hands, even if they're just three-fingered ones.
  4. That question should warrant 1,000 lashes with a wet noodle, if not a bunch of severe looks. I've wanted one since the first release... I'm just trying to come up with a justification/bargaining plan for the wife.
  5. So, I recently bought this, one of my "grail kits," for the extravagant sum of $19 at the Three Rivers IPMS show. I'm soliciting advice for polishing the clear fuselage half, and possible methods for coating it in Future (it's a very large piece, I know). Any suggestions?
  6. I just discovered this thread! I recently bought the Visible B-17 for the princely sum of $19 (opened; parts sealed) at my local IPMS show (Three Rivers, Pittsburgh, PA). That movie was a revelation! Boy was the B-17 tough.
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