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  1. Just to clarify, the "restored" 9825 is not the real one. It's a "fake" paint job applied to an East German MiG-23BN in Speyer Museum, Germany. The real one is still an exhibit of Kbely Aviation Museum in Prague. Unfortunately, the paint has faded much over the time and the aircraft itself is not in a good shape either (the picture shows how it looked like when I visited the museum last October).
  2. They redesigned the G-6/G-14 kit completely and are now making new tools based on the design. The tooling should be ready by the end of the year and kits at some time in 2016. They are also in the process of computer construction of G-2/G-4/F-2/F-4 kits.
  3. Actually as MiG-21F-13 is also in question, it should be noted that the Czechoslovak built aircraft of this type delivered after 1967 war also had the camouflage applied in factory. They were painted in combination of beige and khaki over blue undersides. The paints used on those were from the ČSN S2013 line.
  4. That's probably an error in translation of the English version of Info. They didn't change the plastic but the PE fret. In the Czech version he states that they redesigned the cockpit side panels to better suit the MF version. Originally the design of the PE side panels was based on MFN version which differs from the MF (control boxes for new transponder, collision lights etc.), so for the reissue they decided to rework the PE to suit the nonupgraded MF more.
  5. Got a set of chips from Gabor yesterday. Interestingly, the interior color chip matches quite well to Agama C35M "light turquoise" I'm using for MiG interiors. The "teflon" light grey however is much lighter then I expected and will require some alchemy experiments to mix a matching color :)
  6. From time to time I'm googling my decal brand name to see if there are any reviews or builds using my decals I don't know of. I have noticed that those 1001blabla websites list most of my releases, including limited ones and they list them as if they have them in stock (they state "X items" under the add to cart button), however with "available in 8-10 days" label. As they didn't buy anything from me directly, I was digging a bit deeper and it seems that this number is the same as the stock quantity listed for those items at Hannants website. So most likely this is the kind of e-shop that has
  7. Hi all, I would like to present our new 1/48 scale decal set for Eduard MiG-21MF kits dedicated to MiG-21MFN in service of the Czech Air Force. This set covers all 10 MiG-21MF that were upgraded to MFN (N=NATO) version between 1999 and 2000. It can be used with any edition of the Eduard MiG-21MF (either Profipack or Weekend) or the future dedicated MiG-21MFN Weekend edition, which should be released by Eduard in few months. Decal sheet contains one set of national insignia with darker blue color and one set with lighter blue color + numbers and other motives for all 10 aircraft. You can buil
  8. Well, not all and not at all times. When delivered, Czech MiG-21F-13s had grey interior color and black instrument panel. Later (probably during midlife overhauls) the interior could be repainted to dark blue-grey. The most visible change came during general overhauls, when both interior and instrument panels were painted turquoise. However as some aircraft didn't undergo G.O., they survived till the end of their service with grey/blue-grey interior and black instrument panel (some are even displayed as museum exhibits in the Czech Republic and Slovakia).
  9. Czech MiG-21MFN #4017 (taken from http://vhtm.valka.cz/mig21/MF/4017.htm)
  10. It doesn't change the whole situation, but the non-BFC MSRP is 1350 Kč, your prices are without VAT (probably because you have a delivery address outside the EU).
  11. The price for BFC members is 1147.5 CZK, that is 41 EURO, not USD.
  12. Eduard will be releasing separate stencil decal sheets for each PF, PFM and R later this year.
  13. Actually overtrees are full kit, including weapons.
  14. Bats flew one F/A-18C (BuNo 164906, previously from VFA-195) between 2012 and early 2014. During that time it had two paint schemes, the first was the usual TPS with marking DT-13, the second more colorful "commander bird" of MAG-12 with marking WA-13. In January 2014 the aircraft was transferred to VMFA-232 (deployed to Japan at that time) and flew back to the USA when VMFA-232 deployment ended in March.
  15. jfb: To VŠ - Please I want an answer to a simple question, do you plan to do another Bf109 versions requiring new fuselages and wings (F/G-2/G-10/K/S-199...) in the same scale as Gustav, ie. slightly larger, or will there be a correction of size? Vladimír Šulc: jfb: F and G-2/G-4 are based on the same fuselage, G-10, K and S-199 will have a new fuselage, so if we know where and how, we will correct the size. The biggest problem is the wings, there's 5mm more than is the published span and I don't know where did they come from. Part is caused by incorrectly calculated contraction [of injecte
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