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  1. My daughter really enjoyed building a Mustang ragtop Snap-Tite. We want to build a glue kit together, and pick one that will be relatively easy. After reading the Scale Auto review of the 1929 Ford Model A Roadster special edition (85-4322) I figured we had found the perfect kit. Perfect fit, and the only con was related to whitewall decals. The thing is, I have an opportunity to get a different one literally for free. It's the 1929 Model A Roadster 2'N1. It sure seems to be a reboxing of the same kit (same parts count, both options are high boy or channeled, etc.) with different decal options, but the Special Edition is skill 3 and the "78B" is skill level 5. Is this due to a change in Revell's system (did they go from 1-3 to 1-5?), or is there something in the newer kit that I need to watch out for? New (85-4463): Old(85-4322):
  2. I'm praying for full and permanent remission, comfort and courage and help dealing with all the stress. And let me just say how much I appreciate this site. I'll appreciate it even more now.
  3. that doesn't really clarify anything. I don't know anything more now than I knew before you answered. Let me clarify: You've made some statements about what God does and doesn't do. What's the basis of the conclusions you made?
  4. Lou, I just wanted to say beautiful build and thanks for your service! The rotor drivers don't get nearly enough regard in the Air Force in my opinion, and I suspect it was even worse back in the days when the mailed fist was the be-all and end-all. Again, thanks for serving our great nation in a risky capacity, God bless and keep building those good looking birds!.
  5. Good advice. Been thinking along those lines.
  6. I bought a Minicraft DC-6 in 1/144, the United Airlines mainliner with the white & dark blue livery and the "Hawaii" box art. It appears that somebody at the factory put the Conair firebomber parts in the box instead, which is no big deal, because the only difference between the United kit & the Conair kit is the belly tank. So...rather than throw this belly tank in the spares box, I'm thinking I'll use it with another of my DC-6 kits. Anyone have any advice or ideas, or happen to have the Conair or other firebomber decals on hand?
  7. Congratulations! Many blessings on your new home.
  8. Was a crew chief on KC-135's--A, Q and R models.
  9. Currently reading The Guns of August by Tuchman, which won a Pulitzer in '62 and deserved it. Chronicles the opening month of WWI and some of the bizarre foolishness on the road that lead to it. A must read, but not good for your faith in humanity!
  10. Well, none of them are quite that big (largest is a 1/144 C-32) so I wouldn't be in. Very cool idea, though.
  11. I'll second that question. I have a bunch of big jets & props, but they're all 1/144.
  12. Has ARC ever done an Airliner group build? I have several in the stash and would love to be involved in one. I had an idea for one called The Smooth Kill Group Build. The aircraft must be one that achieved an air-to-air kill. by that I mean a specific airframe; for example, building "Glacier Girl" wouldn't count, but building Richard Bong's "Marge" would. Another idea is a Medal of Honor build. The aircraft would have to be one with a pilot or crew member which won the MOH. If that's too tight, we could call it The Medal Winning Metal Group Build and let in birds that were used to win other awards like the Silver Star, Victoria Cross, etc. Flying Colors--This one might be a bit too broad, but build whatever you want as long as it flies and is hi-viz colorful. Demonstration acft, airliners, national birds like Air Force One, air racers, CAG birds...lots of possibilities there. An adversary build would be cool...sorry I haven't thought of a different name. I don't mean adversary aircraft like the Bad Guys build, I mean like the Monongram(?) boxing that had birds from two different air forces. I distinctly remember a Syrian MiG paired with an Israeli F-16, for example. Build a Spit and an Me-109, a Corsair and a Zero, a Tomcat and a Libyan MiG, etc. If it were open to planes that didn't actually go to war against each other but just trained for it, the possibilities get even wider-- East German MiG and Erich Hartmann's F-86, Taiwanese and Red Chinese birds, a B-52 and a Badger. I can see someone being in two builds by doing a Japanese SDF fighter and a Soviet bird. Here's one last idea, though it would take a heck of a moderator commitment: 75 years ago. A rolling build with WWII subjects, marked as they appeared 75 years prior to the year you build it. So, build a Stuka in 2015, a Pearl Harbor P-36 in 2016, a big week B-24, etc. You could even stipulate that the build "starts" on Jan 1 and July 1 each year and the model you start has to be finished by the 6 month mark.
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