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  1. Ah interesting, I think the satin varnish has done the scheme wonders. Thanks!
  2. Ah man, this is such a freaking awesome build!!!! Enjoying this one big time. Look forward to seeing how it will all be displayed! 😄
  3. Mmmmmm I like this very much... And nice work in doing a not so commonly built squadron. What 16440/36440 did you use for this? I think the shade looks spot on
  4. Oooooooo yeah! That's come up really good! Nice job in sorting out all the sanding etc. Just noticed the ES-335 in your pic too... damn nice guitars! 😄
  5. Eduards releasing an F-14 as well???!!! Anyone got any links or info on this?
  6. Oh that's glorious! The Pod and the plugs are a very well executed addition. Nice work! And that in my opinion, is a well deserved first place. As an aside, I seem to see that A21-7 a fair bit flying around for displays and what not. Seems to be a good 'up' jet.
  7. Very nice- thanks for sharing that. I see a nice void in RF-8 decal sheets if we're ever lucky enough to see a full production kit.
  8. The Hase kit managed to get fairly cheap here in Aus at one point, especially with the re-pop but they are getting hard to come across. That front section mated to the wings looks like a nice seamless fit. Is there much decal choice in the box? Re: flap/slat droop- definitely happens when aircraft's parked and the hydraulic pressure drops off.
  9. For the life of me, I can't understand how there's an RF-4 but not an RF-8 in sprue form... Regardless, my finger has hovered over the RVHP buy it now button that many times, I'm glad I didn't get it. It's so expensive, and I'd inevitably write off a good Hase F-8. I'll be following this intently, as it's a damn awesome aircraft and you've made some head way with its short comings. Keep it coming and happy building mate!
  10. So I had to get in touch with Sincere some time ago as my address changed. It took me a solid 4 or 5 emails before I got a response saying that the change was acknowledged... Persistence may be key here. And regarding the kit itself. I kind of don't care what's wrong with it anymore, just set mode to full production and send the thing out. The decals look great and there's enough in the box to distract me from a few pitfalls. Seriously, they should just set a cut off date and send the thing off.
  11. Ooooohhhhh I didn't know this. Why is cross controlling verboten in swept wings? Works a treat when trying to bleed off height on small straight wing trainers... Trade that height with no airspeed loss in no time! Oh and an absolutely excellently executed build, the display is award winning IMO.
  12. Lol that's the point, you know the format, like all the parodies before it. Last hours in the bunker, the discussion from the Generals and then Bruno Ganz going berserk when notified of certain details. If articulated well, it would be fitting and probably pretty funny...
  13. I think the question we should really be asking ourselves within this thread is why has no one done an AMK F-14 captioned Downfall bunker scene video yet 🤔
  14. That seems about right, it's rather thick stuff surprisingly... I'll have to check this Su-35 build out, sounds interesting!
  15. I find this stuff so hard to spray. I think I need to thin it out a bit more and increase the needle/orifice size
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