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  1. Thumbs up from me man- can airbrush. As mentioned though, needs to be heavily thinned and super light coats are key.
  2. Hey Curt, so I didn't have time to airbrush last night unfortunately, but did quickly brush a few exhaust cans with the dark iron. And it went on absolutely beautifully... So brushing is a great way to go. Just make sure you burnish relatively quickly, as leaving it over night lets it set a bit. I'll keep you posted on my airbrushing efforts (tonight or tomorrow hopefully)
  3. Sincere Hobby, they dished out an additional 10% off for new users.
  4. Wow... I nabbed a few of these in AUD at $75/ $52USD. It's about half the price of Tamiya's at RRP here in Australia. 3 of the AMK preorders was a no brainer!
  5. Was referring to Mr Metal Color... I'd surely be deserving of a slap if I were talking about other metallics 😛
  6. I'll try later on tonight mate, thanks for the tips. Will see how we go 👍
  7. I've got the 0.5mm in there at the moment. I might try really thinning down and seeing what happens
  8. I don't know why, but I have so much trouble spraying these and have had problems for years. It's like no matter how thin I make it or how I've adjusted the pressure, it just refuses to spray properly. It rather comes out in bursts- super annoying
  9. Sincerehobby is where I preordered 3. They had an additional 10% off for new customers which made the unit cost low. They've bee pretty quiet, but a while back they did acknowledge my address delivery change so 🤷‍♀️
  10. Testament to your airbrush work, i'd be too nervous to try that after in case I spray too heavy. Looks really, really good man!
  11. Is anyone else excited about these new releases? I'm really happy we're finally getting some conventional carriers in this scale. I long for the day we get a 1/700 Ranger! They seem to reflect late era cruises. Does anyone know if they're the same config as mid-80s cruises, or will they need to be back dated?
  12. Bit hard to see in this photo, but this F-4B from VF-41 on the Indi has had the same treatment.
  13. I knew these photos were out there somewhere- exactly! That looks awesome
  14. Interesting... could be. I've got a few references in book form I'll have to look at. I'll try and share the images for the sake of the exercise, as it's an interesting topic.
  15. Awesome, many thanks. I think, but I will need to check some more photos, that there's a greeny-grey rattle can touch up paint used. There are a few RLM colours that may work... I think
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