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  1. Oooooo that's a nice clean build- I like it! Is this the new Academy F-14?
  2. For what it's worth, i happened to be testing out some paint when you posted this last night on a spare tail. Its AK interactives range of MiG-29 greys which to me, look spot on based on the reference images I've seen for some really early 9.12s The lighter grey is almost 36375, but perhaps a bit more purplish. The grey green looks spot on to me. This aircraft for reference. If i wanted to be super critical, maybe the paint is a bit darker, but i put that down to the black basing i did as an undercoat + the inside lighting on the shot I took
  3. Interesting, I had an issue as well with it adhering to some parts of my Hornet. I'm also having trouble shooting it through an airbrush, I've tried Isopropyl, tamiya thinners and Mr Color thinner
  4. Man I am so excited about this! Any idea of time frames and if I need to sign up?
  5. Someone did a comparison somewhere, and if I recall the Hobby Aqueous was bang on... or maybe I'm thinking of 16440 🤔 You could go down the road of the new AK Interactive range?
  6. Mr Hobby Creos GSI (acrylic) is a good fit. The paint jar numbers you want are H308 for 36375, H307 for FS36320 and H337 for FS35237. Arm yourself with these and some basic white to tone them down a little and that'll put you in good stead to do all TPS Tomcats.
  7. The nozzles look excellent, could you please explain the process? Particularly the darker portions
  8. Don't forget these re-pops https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/ww7evryexrl1nsodrfaf.html The VF-124 option is awesome There's a VF-84 one around too. It's the Fujimi kit with a few little additions, some PE from memory. But case in point, a good few dollary doos and so much more kit from the outset.
  9. Does anyone else think the front/nose area looks a bit off? (Hesitated to write that above comment- didn't want to get into AMK territory)... VF-51 decals are cool though! RRP is $25USD, personally, I'd go the Hasegawa standard for $16USD or the Fujimi repops at around $19USD any day of the week compared to this. They're just consistent kits that were done right the first time IMO
  10. Wow, there you go. The lines look pretty deep and they've persisted with that weird single point hinge canopy.
  11. Sincere hobby just stitched me up with that same ordnance shipping e-mail... An extra 56AUD for shipping on something that was promised when you preordered 4 years ago... what total bs Thanks sincere hobby, appreciate it 😠
  12. Thumbs up from me man- can airbrush. As mentioned though, needs to be heavily thinned and super light coats are key.
  13. Hey Curt, so I didn't have time to airbrush last night unfortunately, but did quickly brush a few exhaust cans with the dark iron. And it went on absolutely beautifully... So brushing is a great way to go. Just make sure you burnish relatively quickly, as leaving it over night lets it set a bit. I'll keep you posted on my airbrushing efforts (tonight or tomorrow hopefully)
  14. Sincere Hobby, they dished out an additional 10% off for new users.
  15. Wow... I nabbed a few of these in AUD at $75/ $52USD. It's about half the price of Tamiya's at RRP here in Australia. 3 of the AMK preorders was a no brainer!
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