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  1. Keroburner89

    Foxtrot Project 641 painting

    Nope, nada, nein? 😞
  2. Keroburner89

    Tomcat TPS in Tamiya Paint

    Hey Brian, do you have any photos of the test shots you did? Also I've often scale affected many of my builds, but am only really now going into the TPS realm. Given I've a stack of your decals, do you recommend standard bottle colours, decals, then hit the kit with fades and the like? Or fade the overall paint before decals as necessary?
  3. Keroburner89

    Tomcat TPS in Tamiya Paint

    Oh and thanks for having the links under your profile Janissary and did some snooping around. Very, very nice builds. Some good references and explanations on techniques. Cheers!
  4. Keroburner89

    Diorama-"Return to England"

    That's really cool. The perspective works great in my opinion. Given me some ideas here, nice!
  5. Keroburner89

    Tomcat TPS in Tamiya Paint

    I found adding green to the 35237 works a charm. Worked great on my RAAF Hornet, but not sure if our 35237 looks different to that used in the US
  6. Keroburner89

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    The GWH F-14D in 1/72 features spoilers/slats/flaps. I imagine these would be translated to 48th. The CAD drawing certainly suggests so. 1//72 below and CAD drawing of 1/48 below
  7. Keroburner89

    Nimitz-class flight deck plan

    I second that, would absolutely love to have these plans! :)
  8. Keroburner89

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Sadly sarcasm doesn't articulate itself well over the internet... But there is an element of truth in it, entertaining in various and questionable ways.
  9. Keroburner89

    tomcat intake demarcation line

    http://www.carrierbuilders.net/articles/20050520_F-14A_WA/DSCN0882.JPG http://www.carrierbuilders.net/articles/20050520_F-14A_WA/DSCN0881.JPG I actually think it is deeper than these one's from memory.
  10. Keroburner89

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    This thread is truly spectacular; we've gone from discussing a new release, to CAD drawings, elation, some Tomcat trivia, fan fare, discourse, plastic teases, criticism, abuse, controversy, tribulations, decal shots, test shots, mold shots, laughing, crying, lock outs... heavens we're now even talking Mianzi! It is for these very reasons, that I religiously visit this post... The 3 pre-orders I did of this kit has paid itself off in this thread alone. The entertainment has been glorious. ✌️ Peace all, and I thank you for the 169 pages of endless entertainment.
  11. Keroburner89

    tomcat intake demarcation line

    Some might chip in and say it's the angled line going across from front to back, but I've got some photos (to share when I get home) of some mid 80s VF-2 Kittys that are gloss grey to about half way down and then have a solid demarcation changing to white (solid up and down if that makes sense). What aircraft are you building?
  12. Keroburner89

    AK Interactive real color paints

    Thanks for the input Brian, always appreciated from yourself. You're right, the 35109 is very light. It'll be good to see when a few of these hit people's builds.... look forward to seeing them out there.
  13. Keroburner89

    AK Interactive real color paints

    Thanks for the feedback- Viper looks great! Happy building!
  14. This is an amazing thread Lucio, grazie mille... Wonder if we can get this bad boy pinned? It's certainly a priceless resource for a widely distributed and built kit
  15. Keroburner89

    AK Interactive real color paints

    Hey all, I recently just bought myself some of these new paints from AK Interactive Real color paints. I'm really excited by the breadth of colours in their range. In particular, lots of Aggressor/Adversary colours as well as some Eastern bloc paints. The colour concentration looks really intense. What's the verdict on them? Has anyone used these as yet and have any insight? Photos of models are most welcome... Happy building all... Cheers