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  1. I do but in Canada could take a few weeks to get there . And have the early production hornet from monogram .
  2. Well all I can a real surprise and a good idea, as great as people like Hasegawa , their biggest short coming was not giving complete details a weapons, . But unlike most of their kits I felt that the F104 was lacking in providing under wing stores, extra fuel tanks like most of their other kits. I remember the first release and the were clear parts for the fuselage lights but no instructions as to where or how to install. So to me this was a sub standard kit for Hasegawa. This new Kinetic kit will be welcome to me because their track record with all of the kits is to provide enough parts to build the options most common . I find it a bit annoying that you have to buy resin or upgrade sets just to complete basic kit for weapons, fuel tanks . Raymond has done a good job of providing a product that has tried to provide all you need to build without requiring more parts to finish including quality decals
  3. Kursad looking forward when you do release the revised 48th sheet.
  4. The older acrylics like poly s and gunze suffered from being subject to extreme temperatures, just some stayed in liquid form but would perform no so well , like not drying, going lumpy when mixed with thinner. And become my like jelly. Its why I don't think mail order is best for ordering paint .especially if it is allowed on aircraft, not all cargo holds are pressurised.
  5. New York and California ANG
  6. I don't think we need to tax ICE vehicles to get people to buy EVs, once the kings of mass production get started and putting E.Vs into more homes for same price as current vehicles the public will buy them or have not choice. But I do feel they are holding back because of several reasons , but the biggest is the power infrastructure needs to be updated other wise we will be in the dark because of the added demand. Power companies are already working on the solution , I am sure the big auto makers can out produce before updates are completed , like said before give it 20years and we will be able the go the distance on less charges, and there will be a standard recharge stations that can charge any brand. Now if can afford a Tesla model3 the urban commute would be easy even on extreme weather days provided the is no grid lock. I only said EV are not quite there yet . But more competition makes tech advance faster. Tesla and others are small making less than 500,000 units per year where the main manufactures build in the millions per year.
  7. 1 I would have to say that governments are not going to give up revenue recieved from fossil fuel taxes. Most carbon taxes probably do not got to any climate changing improvements like it should, not where I live anyway. 2 we need to upgrade our electricity infrastructure to hand the increased demand on it when the population moves to EVs of all types, that may take years to complete. And you will be paying higher for electricity. One of the things if you look at how much power is produced by current power types we use, like coal plants, gas plants, hydro plants, wind power and solar. Coal fire plants seem to produce the most power, when replacing these type of plants you will need more of the other types. 3 there will be taxes on electric vehicles once they near 50% of the market to make up lost revenues from fuels that are taxed 4 in the of the day it is we consumers who pay increased prices for good because of taxation no matter which way you look at it. 5 I think the next 20years we will have electric vehicles better than now with battery technology, it is not going to happen over night.
  8. Your response to 1 I was not describing all plug in hybrids, the diesel-electric generates is power with a diesel and powers the traction motors at the wheel , just like a Tesla, but the is no battery to store the electric charge to be recharged. Reply to 2 can your Tesla sit in -20 For a week and recharge properly? Many ICE engines don't start because of to reason poor maintainence tune ups and clean oil and batteries insuffiently maintained. On a long distance trip 20% loss of charge can be significant but reading from owners who live up here and they were have a loss of 40% as we have had 2 solid weeks of -26c. Don't confuse windchill factors for humans with cooling. My ICE with a cast iron block will take about a hour to cool to ambient temp at -20c and an half hour for and aluminum block. Add a strong wind and it cuts that time in half . There is a difference between short term exposure to cold and long term exposure, long term exposure can cause all kinds of problems which affects all aspects on automobiles including electronics. 3 yes you are right Ev vehicle's are close but not yet my old diesel 1978 rabbit actually out miles most cars of today, 46hp 68miles per gallon on a 9 gallon tank = 600miles or 2000 kms . Stops would be my limit, rest time! Newer cars are heavier now because of safety equipment not or old cars , more weight more power required. We are just staring this leap into the EV give it 20 years and more competition and the EV maybe like smart phones a better one comes out every year .
  9. As to the diesel electric engine combo GM has known about it since they owned EMD electric motive division why haven't they applied to autos and trucks.? Tesla during winters where I live there is definite lose of battery due to extreme cold , we get -20c or -4f but also get -30c/-22f . With all lights working, fans and heat on I have read that Tesla battery charge does not last as long. Add any wind to that equation cools almost anything quicker including ICE engines Hydrogen: one of the most poisonous gases Amonia when burnt makes H2O and nitrogen ,but not safe in a car or trucks. Also it burns so hot stainless steel is require for exhaust and the does not last as hydrogen burns hotter than gasoline or diesel. When electric cars can drive a 12-14 he drive with only one to 2 stops and run all its systems with out extra charging and the use of our electricity systems which most a fossil fuels without too much draw of power ,then I will get on board.
  10. Hybrid cars like Toyota's Prius and new Corolas, Nissan's Rogue and Volvo's XC60 (among others) do exactly that. But eletric engines are being seen as the future of the car industry, while hybrid cars are mere shortcuts
  11. The difference between auto hybrids and diesel electric locomotive it the ICE actually share the drive train with the electric motor via a transmission. A diesel electric locomotive , the diesel powers the generator that put power to the traction motor. An EMD SD40 has about 3600hp but max rpm is less than 3000rpm , the locomotive weighs in at 300000 lbs and pull much more weight. Locomotives dont have a storage battery. So a guess would be that a car the size of a Corolla would have 50hp the rpm not exceeding 3000rpm to drive just the generator and power the traction motor it would be possible to drive it half way across the US continent on one tank of gas . The chevy Volt is the closest to this concept.
  12. That sounds awesome Kursad , you could easily make a full sheet with early hornets in the early low vis scheme if there is interest, there were at least 7 units to fly that scheme before the change .
  13. Do you need a scanned copy of the monogram 1/48 F18 prototype or second release A18 kit decals for reference ? I can email them to you.
  14. Are you going to do any eurfighters?
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