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  1. Hi Sebastian, I can send you the kit instruction and check with all the boxes I have which one is the best ... Got tens of it... Let me know Regards, Erwan
  2. Hi Chris! Did you got my PM ? Thanks, Erwan
  3. Yes! GRU-7 for its whole career, either as -B or -D
  4. Wwooowww.... Yeah there can be some hot discussion goin on with a kit modeled like this! And yes guys, Hi-Rez pictures are a must... so,this Tomcat unicorn is still wandering untamed....!
  5. It seem that just about every configuration could have been done in those early days...but the picture I found lack some resolution... I am not sure but this may be the proof that we were looking for... Another clearer picture could suit me.... but.... it seem hard to find ... just a picture of 163223 in VX-23 markings!
  6. Ha ha Stefan ...!!! Look what I found... What do you think about this one... if I tell you I typed "F-14A early wing cover " on google...? What is your take...? After having looked at it for a good 15 min and compared, it seem to me that what we see here is production strakes with pre-production early long wing cover...the end towards the fin bases are too straight to be late-style cover... or not ?
  7. Hi guys ! I have heard and read about that.... Got an extensive Tomcat picture & books collection, but never managed to find one picture of those VF-1 Tomcat with early overwing fairing... Any picture please ? Thanks !
  8. Hi, This load is not known to have been used like this in real life operation... Look like more a museum display...
  9. Hi guys, Next is the TCS chin pod. Sanded to bare, panel lined and riveted. The magnificent red lens from the kit fly down straight to the trash. The tube from the lens is drilled, then sanded smooth. A round shaped piece of plasticard is cut, then placed and glued inside the tube. The whole inside is then painted black. An evergreen tube is cut to simulate the telephoto inside the TCS. Its outside is painted black, its inside chrome ad the polished, to mimic the telephoto lens. A clear lens is cut through a clear plastic sheet, then glued to the telephoto mouth. Another one, larger, will be done to close the TCS main optic. A new position light must be done.... but carving tooth brush.... seem a bit far for my skills... We'll see! Next step will be the tails reinforcement plates, with the kind help of Steve template! Regards,
  10. Hi Guys! As promised, a little update about that baby... The whole upper and lower part of the fuselage have been riveted... Which is...excruciating and time consuming! (I stopped counting at 1500...). The wings are next for this treatment. As boring it may be, it gives this kit a totally new and more "real" look and is worth the work. I have compared it to the other one I have inbox, and it is not the same kit! The airbrakes have been glued closed, on both the upper and lower part.
  11. Hi Steve, i have been slowly but surely moving with this project... I am posting on a french site as it is more convenient for me... (bad French people I am) i will post a thorough update here this weekend, I swear! Thank you for your interest!
  12. Hi ! I have tried to get better images through postimage as myfav kindly explained... The "fancy" panel lines on the spine were filed with CA glue and sanded, sanded, sanded.... to finally have a flush side panel. The primer will tell if it's fine... Some riveting has also been added on the spine. The chaff/flare bucket has been drilled. The tailboat has also seen some riveting and panel scribing done. As it is going to be a -B, the panel lines around the engine have also been filed with CA, and sanded, sanded, sanded... again!!! The air intake have been thinned, and the inlet on the engine opened. The whole aircraft has been sanded to the bare plastic. Thanks for watching ! image gratuite
  13. Hi! Thank for the tip! I will try it later today... No way I ever have the skills/time/patience to make it from scratch ! Some guys here have... but not me! And yes, it is HUGE !!! :-)
  14. Steve, I wish I could but when I post it is said to me that my file cannot be bigger than 104kb.... any hint to overcome this? thanks!
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