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  1. I thought PSP vanished. Will look into it too. Cheers
  2. Yeah I have Illustrator trial. Looks like a learning curve and a half. Thanks for your thoughts Cheers Peter
  3. the 1/6th uses PVC tube for the body. the 1/12th I have printed the body. Have since divided all body parts in half so may look at printing the 1/6th as well. Up scalable to 1/3. Just working on decals now as painting them stripes is a challenge.
  4. I've been slowly developing my Explorer 1 model. Seen here at 1/6 and 1/12 scales.
  5. Hey Brian. Mind if I ask what app you use for your decals? I've got Photoshop CS but find it over kill for model decals. I was looking for something less complicated.
  6. https://www.bricklink.com/ for all your needs
  7. Built mine on the weekend One mod so far. remove the extension from the thrusters to connect direct to body
  8. Does anyone have a good site for Falcon info? I'm trying to draw the block 5 and having trouble finding info for the legs and the Merlin 1D Vacuum engine.
  9. Got mine coming this week
  10. Nothing to apologize for. Many use the term for both. Just true SLA is around double the price of a DLP printer
  11. Thanks Crackerjazz. REsin printing is far better resolution than FDM. this was printer at .025mm or .25um. Playing with orientation reduces visible lines. Hopefully future prints will have none at all. Silver is just chrome in a rattle can. simulated heat on bell is alclad hot blue and brass.
  12. UPdates. Managed to get all parts printed at 1/32 Still a lot of detail for such a big reduction
  13. Update. Have redesigned to print at 1/32 scale So far successfully printed 1 thruster nozzle
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