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  1. I've recently been switch to AK airbrush acrylics. I have been building an Abrams which came with metal wire parts. Is there anything I need to do to get acrylics to adhere well to metal wire parts?
  2. Thanks for the offer. but I'll wait. I was asked by ex Army pilots what it would be worth to build for them. Good question.
  3. Maybe I should have held onto it longer
  4. Thanks Trying to find another. Like hens teeth
  5. At least a few have stayed in Australian hands and should turn up at the odd airshow, 1 or 2 went to Tyabb
  6. Thanks mate. I think it was the italeri from memory. I tossed the box a while back. I tried to find another. seems to be rare now?
  7. My first helicopter build in years. A few mods Cable cutters, whip antenna, aft boom antenna (3d printed)
  8. Now that's just show off. Awesome modeling. well done
  9. I've been using an office laser printer. Just run paper from sheet feeder
  10. Many in Turkey believe Erdogan orchestrated the recent coup attempt to weed out his enemies within. He uses religion as a bargaining tool to win elections. If people want Turkey to remain Muslim they best vote for him. Unfortunately for him the educated and those relying on tourism want him out. Maybe finally the tide is turning. Although for the time being the TRY is 1/2 the value it was a few years ago. Great time for holidays in Turkey. This week Erdogan was in Moscow for MAKS cosying up to Putin. One has to wonder just how cosy?
  11. Just need to do something with the visor and dirty him up some
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