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  1. F35A Meng or Kittyhawk

    on the way. $90 here in Aus from a retail store. Good old Ebay for $60
  2. LF the moon rover kit

    My bad. This might be where I got Michael Key from One amazing modeler and models http://www.collectspace.com/ubb/Forum16/HTML/000612-15.html
  3. LF the moon rover kit

    Sorry HAS. I edited my comment. I'll post a link. I believe Michael is on ARC?
  4. LF the moon rover kit

    I beleive Michael Keys on Shapeways has a great rover.
  5. F35A Meng or Kittyhawk

    Meng it is Thanks Guys
  6. F35A Meng or Kittyhawk

    Which kit do people think is best? The Kittyhawk has more brass bits but the Meng is supposed to be more detailed? Looking to buy this weekend Thanks for your thoughts Peter
  7. PHOTOBUCKET? What do you all use?

    Flickr.com. Been using it for 10 plus years now
  8. Tamiya 1/100 Shuttle

    Looks good
  9. Tamiya 1/100 Shuttle

    I'll just use shirtbox plastic for the windows. I guess the decals will sort of make them more realistic. Have since noticed the engine tubing is seperate. I guess I'll see what they come out like. For the bay flow I though maybe felt would look ok?
  10. A must have for my first ever lego kit
  11. Tamiya 1/100 Shuttle

    Just bought this. I thought I'd read it was a good model. Blue windows? and th eengines are 2 piece with very little detail. Does anyone do resin for this model? I've tried searching without any luck.
  12. 1/32 lunar module

    That looks great
  13. 1/72 shuttle decals

    Yep definately teh monogram model If you got a price for me HD?
  14. Was lucky enough to get one of the Saturn V. Now hopefully they will do the LUT and crawler. Seems a logical step for Lego. My first ever lego kit BTW at 52 :o (we was too poor for lego :( )
  15. 1/72 shuttle decals

    Thanks for the help guys Hotdog I bought it long ago but believe it's a Monogram. I bought the beanie cap and resin engines before. But has been too lazy in finishing. Am impressed to see how well oven cleaner removed the old paint :o I think I remember you were developing your decals when I was last here? How much for the tiles or PM me for details thanks