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  1. .175mm top of shade .25 around the bottom Only done as an example of what 3d resin printing can do. My skills are feeble compared to others
  2. I never really thought before about it but the RCS thrusters must have been inside the bow wave to not get damaged?
  3. If I had Manfred's talent and patience I would not have gotten into 3D. I did it because I saw Oli Brauns SpaceX stuff but postage is horrendous to Australia so thought I'd give it a go. It's like playing a musical instrument. You can learn a lot on your own but you need a course to be a master or a lot of years on your own. The thing with 3D is it costs nothing to draw and edit and re draw to get the design right. Draw once and print thousands. Massive saving in time. I could draw the light shade and bracket in less than 10 minutes and have it printing in 20. How many
  4. .7mm? I've made smaller but there are limitations. It's not for everything. But in cases like this where lots of parts are required then 3D would make it simple. I have been building Submarines of late at 1/350. Parts are small and dropping one on grey carpet means never seeing it again. This is where 3D comes in. No more missing parts (to a point depending on modelers ability) This propeller is 3mm tall and 4mm dia. Blade thickness is well under .7mm. They are soft and flimsy when printed but after curing are like thorns. resolution can be as fine as .01um on my photon. This p
  5. Most impressive one day I'll get back to my 1/72 with Duty cats beanie cap Might have to take my feeble 3D skills to the beanie cap
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