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  1. I much preferred the movie to the Netflix virtue signalling mess. the movie robot was better than the Netflix robot but the Netflix Jupiter is better than the movie Jupiter. as a new take on an old show it's 100% out of whack
  2. I have added a 1/35 scale of the MIRV platform and nosecone to the model collection. the MIRV are almost 2" tall or 48mm
  3. Does this count as space modelling? Drawn from drawings found via Google using fusion360. Printed on Photon resin printer at approx 1/72 scale
  4. Give your deliveries a spray with disinfectant or put under a UV light
  5. i have a 3d resin printer and Fusion 360. I enjoy drawing in 3d and printing my models today as much as i enjoyed building plastic models. Best of both worlds
  6. I've recently been switch to AK airbrush acrylics. I have been building an Abrams which came with metal wire parts. Is there anything I need to do to get acrylics to adhere well to metal wire parts?
  7. Thanks for the offer. but I'll wait. I was asked by ex Army pilots what it would be worth to build for them. Good question.
  8. Maybe I should have held onto it longer
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