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  1. Just need to do something with the visor and dirty him up some
  2. Too obscure scale. All 3D modelers are doing the standard scales. But if you can find a model stl file it could be rescaled
  3. Doing my bit to add missing detail
  4. I used to do this to landing gear that may break, struts and wheels
  5. Thanks Trojan I found the hatch files
  6. Thanks No EVA handles were provided so I 3D drew and printed my own
  7. No the model can be found here https://3d.si.edu/apollo11cm?fbclid=IwAR064drKKHkGBHq6CLWp2lxGUlF0t1DS2hKk049aRKRZSd0Hh4pi69OnNQQ
  8. Printed on the Photon at 1/60.
  9. thanks for your input guys. I managed to figure it out in Photoshop CS. You don't have to rasterise all drawing in PS. So far so good
  10. I've been playing with this model for a while. Now I have decals I'm calling it done. Decals printed on work laser printer. Seems the toner is removed easy. I will touch up with paint and clear coat
  11. I thought PSP vanished. Will look into it too. Cheers
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