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  1. Aussie-Pete

    1/48 Special Hobby X-15A-2 (updated 01 May 2018)

  2. Aussie-Pete

    X15 ground dolly

    I'm thinking I might make a perspex stand and make it an inflight model
  3. Aussie-Pete

    1/48 Collect-Aire X-20 DynaSoar kit review

    Hows this coming along
  4. Aussie-Pete

    1/48 Special Hobby X-15A-2 (updated 01 May 2018)

    Looks great. I wanted the 1/48. Couldn't find one so settle for the 1/32. It's a bit big really for my liking.
  5. Aussie-Pete

    X15 ground dolly

    Great shots. I've not found these before. Thanks heaps
  6. Aussie-Pete

    X15 ground dolly

    Hi guys Close to the finish of a Special Hobby 1/32 X15A2. How or what did others do for the landing gear. It wont hold the weight of the model. I'm thinking of building the ground handling dolly. Anyone got decent photos or plans for that? Cheers Peter
  7. That's what I said. Lego will make more from people buying bricks than buying a kit
  8. Aussie-Pete

    1/144 Ultimate Shuttle Tile Decals

    In the process of adding the 1/72 to my rejuvenated Shuttle stack. So far only on the body flap with a medium grey base and it looks great
  9. Aussie-Pete

    Mercury-Atlas-Saturn V Comparison

    There are many new players making very good models. Hasegawa, Eduard, Tamiya, Horizon-Models to name a few. But they have to be a matching pair. Oh and a lunar rover :)
  10. Aussie-Pete

    Mercury-Atlas-Saturn V Comparison

    It would be a gross oversight if no model company produced any new Apollo models for next year. Horizon have a Juno coming out on top of a Redstone. I'll probably get but they need to do Gemini next. I need CSM and Lunar modules. Had them, lost them (stolen)
  11. Lego Apollo Saturn V by Peter Ede, on Flickr
  12. Aussie-Pete

    Mercury-Atlas-Saturn V Comparison

    I can forgive the Apollo errors. It's big :)
  13. Aussie-Pete

    Mercury-Atlas-Saturn V Comparison

    Yes Pete. the Saturn is the Dragon and both Mercury are horizon. I'm hoping the rumoured new model is the Gemini in 1/72 :)
  14. All 1/72 scale Rocket scale comparison by Peter Ede, on Flickr Rocket scale comparison by Peter Ede, on Flickr Rocket scale comparison by Peter Ede, on Flickr
  15. Lego will likely make more from those of us who go looking for build projects and build ourselves.