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  1. I had a bursa on my shoulder that required surgery. Pain would wake me at night and had no strength in the shoulder. All good now. Worth getting fixed if required
  2. Wow. That's great. I don't know how I missed this.
  3. REmind me never to get into resin models 😮 Looks too much work for me. But looking good here.
  4. Well done on the TPS. Very realistic
  5. We need to be more careful in and around our homes. Take care and get well soon.
  6. Windex is a good thinner for acrylics. The original blue windex
  7. Resin once cured is strong enough. there is high tensile resin available but I think depending on scale a normal resin would handle it. Another option might be print the truss hollow and put rod through negating the need to solder brass rod?
  8. Thanks Pete. I'm using Fusio360 too. I have alot to learn still
  9. This looks as good as Oli Braun's. Best part is it don't cost as much to deliver as it does to buy or I'd have bought one
  10. 3D wont replace all styrene models (unless you are a 3D guru) but it will certainly enhance them
  11. Always put supports on corners and edges. And for added safety print a few more parts than needed
  12. Sometimes things need to be done more than once. Unfortunately this might be one of those cases. You've done all the hard work of figuring out angles and such. Now just redo with .05-1mm thickness. The legs could be printed in one piece Gimbals as solids The engine will need redrawing for printing. But it might print on shapeways since they use a different method to print? YOu could create an account on shapeways and upload. They test the component when uploaded and tell you if it will print. Worth a go. If the frame is the same x 4 then you only need one and print 4 x
  13. I had a look at the Elegoo Saturn (name right up our alley) It looks impressive. Resolution is not a lot better for 4K but is faster and has a much larger print area. Handy but means you buy more resin. I'll upgrade to this when my Photon dies
  14. Thanks Pete Now I may have to add more to the bottom. Although your can't see the inside 😉
  15. Thanks and No. Resin printers use DLP.
  16. Here's a close to finished 3D printed model. I have been refining over time. Here we have the engine bell printed in one piece instead of two. I'll look at altering the top pump to be an adapter for to fit the Dragon Saturn V. Pipe work can be added later using wire
  17. I think most are using photos to gage dimensions. I have scoured the net for good detail info. If does not exist. SpaceX are keeping things very close.
  18. They look great. Always filter resin before putting back in the bottle. Never know what floaties might be in there.
  19. This model is awesome. But with those dimensions you will need to thicken things up to print. .13/.025 might print but will be very weak. When I model I do so for the smallest scale and create wall thickness accordingly. Some parts can be created as solid in 3D then hollowed when printing via slicing software. You pick how thick you want walls. Does your software have the ability to add thickness? The rivets are just large enough to print which takes into consideration the resolution limits of my printer. Y axis = 0.00125mm , Z axis = 0.025mm to .1mm You chose the resolution for layer thickness.
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