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  1. Hard to avoid this with layer deposition 3D printing unless you do yourself. With a home resin printer it's much easier and cheaper to get orientation right and layer thickness. Having said that these still look great. If you consider the home print option I would highly recommend an Anycubic Photon.
  2. I've done my own decals on my office color laser.
  3. How are you removing supports? I use side cutters and a needle file to take away support marks Best to leave some support to file away than leave holes. Can it be printed so the supports are on the underside to reduce visibility?
  4. Aren't you happy I said buy a resin printer. Now you too can enjoy removing supports 😉 Looks great
  5. I'm a bad bad boy :) I can cut 900 mm + x 600 mm I went big to future proof
  6. Thanks Manfred If you got to practice may as well be something space related :)
  7. Thank Pete 30x20mm mirror Reverse etched on backside black spray over etch
  8. I made this using a mirror and my new toy. A laser cutter Delete if not appropriate? I have contacted NASA regarding reproducing this in a mirror as such.
  9. I just wish postage too and from Australia was not so expensive. it's still cold in my shed/garage so printing has been off.
  10. I looked around and compared all the 3D apps out there. Blender and Fusion 360 are the go to for functionality and cost Blender is way above what is require to produce 3D models so I stuck with Fusion The online (youtube ) tutorials are great especially from Lars. I would say it too a week to start producing my own models.
  11. Looking the expert here. I learned 3D and Fusion because of the above. You are fortunate toi be not in Australia where postage to anywhere out side makes me selling models impractical unless some one wants far more than the $40 min postage.
  12. these look great but Shapeways is why I bought my own printer. The prices to produce your own and sell via Shapeways I find to be ridiculous. The items I have in my shop have about $5 profit to me. Most profit goes to Shapeways and then they only pay your your profit once you reach a $30 margin. You would be best to print and sell yourself IMO.
  13. this is obviously a Falcon 9 grid fin printed at 1:144 Wall thickness depends on orientation it's printed and whether it's supported or un supported the thinnest I do on purpose is .5 mm When I do a model like the last X15 tanks that are 2mm walls and each section is printed vertical with only supports around the bottom and any over hangs
  14. I was never going to print the pipework. But the support brackets have holes to add wire 😉
  15. Must pull the pin and do it. It's amazing turning a design into a model you can hold. Printing upgrade parts for plastic models. is pretty cool
  16. Are you designing your own parts/models To start maybe try using some free models from Thingiverse.com? Can't wait to see what you produce. What printer did you buy? I'm thinking of upgrading to the Photon Mono X with near 2x the print area of my current Photon. Hmmm then I can print my F1 at 1:48 or bigger
  17. Thanks for the pics. It would appear my mount needs to be tapered more at the rear
  18. I'm no Fusion expert and I seem to have an issue with the model but it's broken down into 6 parts and I'll have a go at printing this weekend. The pipe wont be printed. I expect to use a wire for the piping Designed using the kit reference.
  19. All good. Grateful for those links
  20. I found if I only used a front circle at the main body and a small dia circle at the point with a guide line that the shape was distorted. So I used a number of reducing dia circles along the guide line to ensure the shape remained and lofted between each circle. I used Fusion 360
  21. Thanks for that link. I was having trouble finding these details
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