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  1. .7mm? I've made smaller but there are limitations. It's not for everything. But in cases like this where lots of parts are required then 3D would make it simple. I have been building Submarines of late at 1/350. Parts are small and dropping one on grey carpet means never seeing it again. This is where 3D comes in. No more missing parts (to a point depending on modelers ability) This propeller is 3mm tall and 4mm dia. Blade thickness is well under .7mm. They are soft and flimsy when printed but after curing are like thorns. resolution can be as fine as .01um on my photon. This p
  2. Most impressive one day I'll get back to my 1/72 with Duty cats beanie cap Might have to take my feeble 3D skills to the beanie cap
  3. Looking great. Can't wait to see it finished
  4. I had a bursa on my shoulder that required surgery. Pain would wake me at night and had no strength in the shoulder. All good now. Worth getting fixed if required
  5. Wow. That's great. I don't know how I missed this.
  6. REmind me never to get into resin models 😮 Looks too much work for me. But looking good here.
  7. Well done on the TPS. Very realistic
  8. We need to be more careful in and around our homes. Take care and get well soon.
  9. Windex is a good thinner for acrylics. The original blue windex
  10. Resin once cured is strong enough. there is high tensile resin available but I think depending on scale a normal resin would handle it. Another option might be print the truss hollow and put rod through negating the need to solder brass rod?
  11. Thanks Pete. I'm using Fusio360 too. I have alot to learn still
  12. This looks as good as Oli Braun's. Best part is it don't cost as much to deliver as it does to buy or I'd have bought one
  13. 3D wont replace all styrene models (unless you are a 3D guru) but it will certainly enhance them
  14. Always put supports on corners and edges. And for added safety print a few more parts than needed
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