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  1. Really great work so far i have just started mine Cheers Lee
  2. Just got stuck into the cockpit details and fitting the Eduard parts i am really happy with the instrument panel from Eduard the printing is so fine it would have been impossible to paint it that neatly and the pe seat side details and rivet detail where also added from Eduard's set it also includes the row of rivets for the bulkhead behind the seat which will be seen through the canopy the set also includes the gun sight detail. Just a bit more pe and detail painting and the
  3. Hi Joel The Toni sure is a state of the art kit and the Eduard set is just as advanced it will add a lot of extra details such as fully detailed dropped flaps and scale thickness gear doors to name just a few :)
  4. Hello it's been a while since iv'e posted on this great forum and while i wait for Tamiya's promising 1/48 BF-109 i will build this brilliant 1/48 Kawasaki Ki-61d Only have these photos for now but i will have plenty more shortly Cheers Lee
  5. Thanks Uwe I agree it's a great kit and definitely won't be my last build of one of these I think I will try Tamiya's 1/48 F-16 after this and I really wish they would bring out a 1/48 F/A-18 A+ or C with perfect fitting intakes/nose ect And good luck with your Cat what markings are you doing ? Lee
  6. Wow that looks great are you sure it's 1/144 it looks like 1/72 :) and yes please finish it Lee
  7. Hi just a few more pictures of a little progress and trying out the new camera :) Back soon with the decal and weathering process thanks Lee
  8. Very nice start as for the engines not fitting there is left and right specific i'm half way through my mossie here http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/285612-tamiya-132-de-havilland-mosquito/&page=1 i will be back on that soon I look forward to following your build :) Lee
  9. Hi and back with the camo painted after priming with mig's white primer then a light grey base coat followed by the light bluey grey camo which i had to mix to get it as close as i could to the original I left some of the paint a little patchy as part of the weathering which i hope will tie in well with what i plan to do for the overall look. Thanks and back soon :) Lee...
  10. Excellent work crackerjazz Cheers Lee
  11. G'day and back with a few pics with the completed cockpit / Pilot & Rio the figures Tamiya supply are really nice i think and give a good sense of scale to the big Cat So that is where i'm at now it will start taking shape quickly from here back soon with priming and painting the airframe and weapons load and Gear Lee :)
  12. Great start mate and welcome back to the best hobby I will follow your build this kit will make you a pro by the time it's finished Cheers Lee
  13. Hi Calvin Arthur and welcome to ARC I look forward to watching your progress on this big beast it looks like you have a few nice goodies to go into the build Cheers Lee
  14. Here is the jet i will make http://www.airliners.net/photo/Iran-Air-Force/Grumman-F-14A-Tomcat/2631968/L
  15. Thank you - No.11 / Aigore / crackerjazz / Bravosierra001 / Don / xavi84 Just some more pics before the main primer and paint goes on Tamiya supplies extra markings on the decal sheet for the wings that the IRIAF birds painted in the light blue / grey camo have on them so i might paint it in this scheme as this aircraft ( 3-6079 ) is quite well weathered in some pics which i would like to apply to the model. Thanks Cheers Lee
  16. Very inspiring work crackerjazz looking forward to more Cheers Lee
  17. Hello fellow aircraft nuts how are you all so i normally build ww2 aircraft but once i seen pics of Tamiya's new F-14 i just had to get her Here's the cockpit tub that just falls together as expected i used Mig acrylics which i am starting to use more these days and the usual tamiya enamels for detail painting. I will use the kit decals to build the IRIAF jet. So that is where i'm at for now much more to come soon Cheers Lee...
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