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  1. I sent scalehobbyist.com email . Asked about this model . They sent me a reply back stating , this model was in stock . I order model earlier this week I sent them another email this evening . They reply back . They surprise me . What great service they gave me . Rick I will keep ordering thru them
  2. That what I like to know . I don't know . I know the decals are not in the box for the recuse . Rick
  3. Im going do a japan recuse helicopter . I order the helicopter from scalehobbyist.com . I received a different model . I Google the model and helicopter, i find all kinds of photos . I find no info . The model I order Trumpeter Aerospatiale As365N2 Dauphin . The page model has a different box with different numbers .The photo shows japan recuse helicopter . This is what I wanted .. Photo below . I did not caught it when I order the model . The model I received today Trumpeter Aerospatiale As365N2 Dauphin ( same number , different box art ) I'm not sure what helicopter it is photo
  4. Things are Slow moving . Everyday day work , now spring coming . Outside work now .. Mowing grass , yard work and garden thanks for looking Rick
  5. Thank you I been working on the rear folded area . Not sure what thats call or proper name . I installed the fold tail . I added some hydraulic lines .. Enjoy Rick
  6. Working on the blade support. The kit only has 2 support braces . I need to make Several braces now . Enjoy Rick
  7. I tried to fix the silvering . Looks better not perfect but better Enjoy Rick
  8. I tried this with Walthers Solvaset, Looks so much better . The decals lighting up a lot that's ok . If not ,I do what Heavy and scotthldr suggested I will post photos later . It going be almost 70 today . Be garage working and cleaning Rick
  9. thank you I did not know that .. This be the first time for me on this subject .. I really thought they sit on the shelf to long . Lost there adhesive ... I hope the clear coat will fix this .. I am always learning . Rick
  10. No gloss coat . Never had a problem with decals before with no gloss coat .. I really think they sit on the shelf at Sprue to long . rick
  11. I spray another very high thin coat of paint to tone down the black . I did started some trim work but not to much . Weather here went very cold to 60 degrees I been outside today . Enjoy Rick
  12. I finished the second color . I thought it was little bright, like it stuck out like a sore thumb . So I took some Light ghost gray, highly thinned. I then sprayed that to tone down the Med. ghost gray . I believe it looks so much better . Enjoy Rick
  13. Thank you I started the paint process which is a two tone . The main color is down . I need to add second paint color . Enjoy Rick
  14. I can't wait tell you paint that . I very curious on how Oliver does it .. Looks awesome .. Rick
  15. I spray some black primer , then put into a heated dry box for couple hours . Now I will let this set for few day to make sure the primer cures good . Enjoy Rick
  16. Thank you I'm ready to spray some Black primer on this today .. Enjoy Rick
  17. Here is my USCG i did last year International Orange, FS12197. Rick
  18. Thank you I installed this front part not sure what it is with two electric cable or hydraulic hose . Maybe someone will let me know Enjoy Rick
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