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  1. Thanks to all the responses. Verdict still seems a bit mixed, but think I'll go ahead with the two IB TERs with 3xMk82's each as per http://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/a-4/a-4c_loads.shtml . It's going to be an inflight model so clearance won't be an issue anyway ;)
  2. Thanks very much Dave! I see the Cybermodeler reference page confirms my friends recollection so I will go ahead with the 3 x Mk82s on each TER. Thanks Pete for the video, very helpful!
  3. I am building the Hasegawa 1/48 A-4C in honor of a late friend. I have two questions. 1) At one time, he had described to me one of his missions in particular (1967, Vietnam), where he stated a loadout of 6xMk82s (three on each of the two wing TERs) + one centerline fuel tank. Subsequently however, I've read where 3 x bombs on each wing TER wasn't done because of clearance issues with the gear doors, so instead 2 x bombs per TER were loaded instead. Is it possible my friend was mis-remembering? Or was there a workaround to enable the loadout he stated? 2) I am using the Hasegawa Aircraft Weapons A kit to model the TER. I'm having a hard time understanding how the TER attaches to the A-4C wing pylon. I've done searches on Google and to my surprise have had a hard time finding a good picture to help me. Can someone point out a good reference?
  4. Thanks to both of you. Very helpful information that is a piece in the puzzle. I'm tracking down some books that appear to be helpful too. I found some useful info and pics from the Squadron A-6 book from the "...in Action" series too.
  5. I'm interested in building an EA-6B used during LB2. I believe this was the original variant, before EXCAP, and all of the ICAP variants. My understanding is that the Monogram model represents ICAP-1, while the Kinetic model represents ICAP-3, so while both would be good starting points for the standard airframe, I'm guessing the antenna and cockpit layouts are different. Is there a good summary (e.g. photos) of the antenna and cockpit layout differences between the EA-6B variants, particularly wrt the original EA-6B variant used in SEA?
  6. Thanks for the replies...I guess the answer is (as usually with life) it depends! Appreciate the help.
  7. I'm building an SEA deployed F-105D and can't tell if the weapons pylons are gloss white or camofluage grey. I suspect the latter but can someone confirm?
  8. I'm making a Jordanian AF Hawker Hunter F6 (circa 1966) using the Academy 1/48. Is it appropriate to put the English language placard decals on this aircraft? Or were the placards on these aircraft in Arabic?
  9. Thanks to you and all the other replies!
  10. My understanding is that there is a "bent" (as opposed to straight) refueling probe on the A-4 Skyhawk starting with the A-4F. From pictures, it seems that not all A-4Fs had it. Does anyone know when (i.e. year) the bent probe began to be fitted? Was it a retrofit or installed on the factory line in the middle of the A-4F production run?
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