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  1. In fact, it's a post-CCIP upgrade. BAe Systems was awarded a contract to supply 336 Mode-5 capable AN/APX-125(V) Advanced IFF to the USAF in April 2013. The installation on Block 40/42 Vipers was scheduled to be completed by May 2015. Externally, the older AN/APX-113(V) and the AN/APX-125(V) are virtually identical.
  2. Never expected to built one, but eventually did: Westland Wyvern The one that'll never make it into my stash: F-35
  3. Northrop Improved Seat as found on Jordanian F-5E/F: For comparison, Northrop Standard Seat:
  4. It also appears that the recent batch lacks the formation lights, depicting blanking covers instead. UV-30MK "Aerosol/Chaff Dispensing System"/"Passive Jamming Dispenser" http://eng.ktrv.ru/p...ng/323/529/552/
  5. According to http://www.f-106deltadart.com
  6. The Six never carried AIM-4Ds operationally, only AIM-4E (GAR-3), AIM-4F (GAR-3A) and AIM-4G (GAR-4A) "Super Falcon" missiles. The SARH -guided AIM-4F superseded the E-model quite quickly. A typical loadout would comprise two AIM-4F on the forward trapeze launchers and a pair of IR-guided AIM-4G on the rear rails.
  7. Stone me to death, but... <heresy> I'd rather prefer a quarterscale Su-35S than some hellish poultry... </heresy>
  8. "Humpback" versus "Flat top" boundary layer spill duct: Cheers Erik
  9. Some nozzle shrouds have a rather small-segmented adapter ring. Check out the starboard nozzle of the MiG-31 in the foreground. In contrast, the port nozzle shroud features the large-segmented adapter ring:
  10. That "French Mirage Blue" looks indeed pretty much spot on.
  11. If you were painting a Mirage F-1C or a Mirage IIIC in their distictive "Bleu Défense Aérienne" livery, Vallejo 70.900 would be the way to go. French Mirage Blue is a significantly darker shade. Mirage F-1 in "Bleu DA": http://www.fox-two.c...33-02-cotes.jpg Mirage 2000 in "Celomer 1620/1625": http://www.fox-two.c...2-03-dessus.jpg If it has to be Vallejo, here's my suggestion: Celomer 1620 Gris bleu fonçé/dark grey-blue -> Vallejo 71.113 Intermediate Blue Celomer 1625 Gris bleu (moyen) clair/light blue grey -> Vallejo 73.615 Light Ghost Gray
  12. Anyway, as to what's really under the spine and skin of the Barak, a great deal is still clouded in secrecy. Absence of the LNP: When it comes to night-time operations, only very few air forces have gained a similar level of proficiency like the IDFAF, and the IDFAF was one of the very early adopters of night-vision goggles. The IAF top brass deemed a combination of Sharpshooter/LANTIRN targeting pods and Journal NVGs completely sufficient in order to perform effective night-time precision strikes. On the other hand, the top brass argued that a deep penetration strike platform like the F-
  13. And again, IDFAF Baraks were unique... Both Block 30 and Block 40 D-models were capable of carrying the LANTIRN targeting pod. WAR versus WAC HUD: The F-16C's Wide Angle Coventional HUD is well capable of processing and displaying raster images/videos generated by the night-vison sensors. However, the holographic WAR HUD, commonly attributed to Block 40 Vipers, features a significantly wider instantaneous field of view: 17x30 degrees versus 14x21 degrees (WAC HUD).
  14. The SuE is indeed a really nice kit. At first glance, it looks pretty much "right" to me. Have yet to "put it under the microscope", though... But I'm not expecting any nasty surprises. Maybe it's time to generally acknowledge that Kinetic has come a long way since the Tracker, Hawkeye and F-16. There's always room for improvement - beyond question. But I'm confident enough to put my Heller SuEs up for sale on evilbay.
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