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  1. oggy

    How to make intake covers

    For soft covers, you can use tin foil, tissue paper and PVA glue. Form the tin foil around the intake (or exhaust) larger then needed, coat it with PVA glue apply tissue paper, more PVA glue. Let dry. Then cut to desired size. Paint to match. Tutorial can be found on the ARC web page under tools and tips
  2. oggy

    Cartograf decals

    Thanks, After applying many coats of microsol over 4 hours, finally got the decal to curve around the edge.
  3. oggy

    Cartograf decals

    Are there different 'grades' of cartograf decals. I building a 1/12 hasegawa motorcycle, the decals say printed by cartograf, but I am having difficulties getting them to conform to the surface - edges don't want to wrap around the edges. I have built a handful of Tamiya motorcycle kits and never had any issues. Using Microset and sol. Any ideas.
  4. oggy

    New Fujimi Tomcat....

    I'm going to say Fujimi is still around. They are releasing new car kits. As for the tomcat, probably the same molds. HLJ has 2 new kits listed.
  5. So I am in the process of putting on decals of my 1/72 tomcat, and I was wondering what others do with the 'No Push' and 'No Step' decals that go along the wings. I have put them on some and not on others. They are a PITA at times. I've also seen that aftermarket decals usually don't include them (1/48 and 1/72 scale). I guess the big question is are they really visible. Just wondering what everyone else does?
  6. oggy

    Badger 155 problems

    I have an anthem and have seen the same issues. Normally its because I have the paint too thick. Depending on the color some need to be thinned down quite a bit. The other time was when the paint had gone bad, or lumpy. You may want to try and strain the paint, or get new stuff.
  7. Thanks for the info, I forgot about the gun vents. I think I may have a spare floating around. I am however looking for AM exhaust nozzles for a F14B or who is in the business of making them. Maybe I will just build an A.
  8. I am thinking of converting my 1/72 hasegawa F14A to a B. What are my options for the exhausts. I know of 3rd Wire and Dr Pepper nozzles, but are they still around. I can't find anything from Aries. The only thing from Aries I though might work would be the F16 nozzles - I think it's a GE F110 engine but not sure of fit. Richard
  9. I have never built the Kinetic kit, but there is a nice example in the in progress section by HAMMER32. It looks like a good fit to me along with a nice build.
  10. oggy

    1/72 F-14D kit with Model Graphix magazine

    HLJ carries it but it's in Japanese. About $7 and low stock for the May issue
  11. oggy

    Tamiya 1/72 F-16CJ

    Does anyone have this kit? Wondering what your impression is of it.
  12. Received my decals from F4Dable a couple weeks ago. Thanks a lot.
  13. A few years back I sold my train set. Found I wasn't using them that much and preferred to model instead. So I came across a couple of train kits and though why not. The BR52 was a pain to put together, but I think it turned out alright. I still have one more in the collection to put together. There is quite a bit of detail inside the cab s1371.photobucket.com/user/oggy2566/media/20141231_190255_zps6b66fbec.jpg.html][/url] Well recommended kits if you are looking for a challenge and something different to build Richard
  14. oggy


    Here's my entry. Its a 1/72 Hasegawa VMFA 122 Werewolves using Two Bobs decals. Richard