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  1. Looking for an aftermarket engine set for a 1/35 Tamiya T-34/76 tank.
  2. LF 1/48 aftermarket stuff for italeri S-3 Viking anything at all PE resin etc.
  3. Thanks Gino are you adding brake line and such? by the way you wouldn't happen to know a source for 1/35 rubber tubing.
  4. Gino when you glue the kit supplied tires to the rims what do you use for glue , ive used CA and testors liquid cement in the past but sometimes they don't stick. also how how you prep the rubber tires for painting and weathering by the way your build looks spectacular cant wait to see it finished lindsay
  5. There is also detail sets coming from voyager models at some point for both m983 and launcher from trumpeter, the question is when???? I have both kits from trumpeter and I can say well worth the money the only downside is the tires which are rubber and suck. I will be getting aftermarket tires for my , I also got the eduard interior set for the italeri kit but will work just fine for the m982.
  6. got the interior set from eduard looks like it will work just fine now just to find some wheels and construction can begin.
  7. well I thank you so much your gift is greatly appreciated and if I can ever help you out please let me know. Lindsay
  8. Yes thank you so much they are so much better quality than the trumpeter a/c that came with the wasp. how much do I owe you? Lindsay
  9. What is it you need from the box ? Also who did you speak to at MRC? Lindsay
  10. Would it be the same one used in the trumpeter 1/32 A 10 N/AW kit? Lindsay
  11. might have one ill check my stash Lindsay
  12. I have been watching the TV series the Waltons and I would like to build a model of the old truck they drove. Does anyone out there happen to know what kind of truck and the year and if there are any kits available of that particular vehicle. Lindsay
  13. I have a academy F-18 c for parts , what you looking for? Lindsay
  14. Wish I could help you out most of my stuff is armour except for the wasp . Lindsay Perry 47 forest street Yarmouth Nova Scotia Canada B5A 3L4 Thank you so much
  15. How much you asking for them. I have a few items for trade nothing major but if I knew what you were interested in. Lindsay
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