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  1. Well the tooling is likely far along, too late to influnce, however, if Revell were smart, this would be a design to cost project. the invisible interior detail would be foregone in a nod to pricing for multiple purchases. the latter, based on the comments here, is were the demand is.
  2. 40" wing sounds small. consider double checking. Are you looking for six position examples or four?
  3. UV RAYS is fade the red out of pigments.
  4. The Soviet B-25 will depend on the Series: C, D D2,or J. The 1944 D2/ NA 100 ( FY 43 s/n) and J series will be a dark olive. But lighter than the true RAF dark green. Most of the LL to USSR fall into these two configurations. As to the photographer's experement, in the artist world the distiction local color vs reflected color. The local color is the color of the subject ( skin tone, paint etc.). the reflected color is color precieved by a discerning observer. if you are in a yellow with a red lite sign shining into the room, the walls will reflect orange.
  5. In respone to question posed in the write-up, the forward dome should be fore of the bombay tunnel. On the flight deck aft the pilots, were four manned stations*: radio operator, radar/nav; flight engnineer, visual navigator. the dome was dual purpose: celestial navagation and secondary fire control (meaning gunnery). *two to each side plus an inline auxillary fire control station. the aft dorsal dome is for central fire control gunner (primary).
  6. Yes, I ve been there. I ll visit again with this in mind. Thanks.
  7. Facebook is not the answer. The idea is fixed repository, not a discussion forum.
  8. Well, my offer stands. We know who the " essentials" are to some degree and we realize that without some archive, the 4th generation of enthusiast will never get beyond the thrashing of the wheat. Whereas if the 2nd and 3rd generations can create a foundation of solid references, the effort can be expended in progress rather than sifting. Perfection might not be possible however a foundation and framework is if thoughtfully constructed and room is established for theory apart from documentation.
  9. I dont think facebook is well suited as a a factual , searchable depository or reference. its very structure fostesr a different discourse than is the intent here.
  10. I would venture that the wing tip lights followed the same change as many AAF combat types, I.e. the single tip type arriving about sometime in 4Q43 or early 44.
  11. as one who has studied typography over 40 years, I be interested in an explaination of the difference in Helvetica and Arial from curved and block san serifs of the 40s.
  12. I would venture that the wing tip lights followed the same change as many AAF combat types, I.e. the single tip type arriving about sometime in 4Q43 or early 44.
  13. To my knowledge there is no online resource that is an authoritarian conglamoration of B-17 research. I could bring some great revelantions to such a group if it were formed however I have not the time nor desire to establish and monitor such an undertaking. There are many entusiasts here. If one were to take this formation on I would lend my support. There is more to the B-17 story that has yet been collected.
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