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  1. Hasegawa will only repackaged ICM .I-153,ki-10 pery,Lagg-3 ..and Eduard La-7 Nzempar
  2. Thanks for the information on the P-47N u/ c bay i"m hope to make for P-47D verzions to U/C bay im dozen of Tamiya Bolts to build . I am interested in the cockpit of the P-47D A dozen of them. nazempar
  3. I'm pleased to see detail parts for the P-47 u / c bay is the same and all variants **? and im see no problem to fit Tamiya D bolts im very iteresentet for cockpit TAMIYA bolts. A cockpit you plan for Razorback Tamiya ?? Im still hope you make produce a turets for Monogram LIBERATOR and 1/48 because so far seen the transparent parts of the VECTOR 1 class. or maybe the B-24H converzion? * I buying in NEOMEGA Uk and have excellent customer service Nazempar/P.k
  4. I have these decals surplus [/img] [/img] Can you pay my friend on Paypal or you can substitute for any other DECALS ? nazempar Info PM.
  5. I have these decals for sale or exchange Naz..p
  6. Where am able to buy AMS detail set or was sold out? I miss when it was on sale. nazempar
  7. Raymond Chung, Thanks for the information this is very welcome version MIRAGE III in 48 scale until now we had only ESCI carrying the more than 40 years but it is not ideal for today's standards. I hope that someone offered to Mirage IIIB. In 1/72 anyway not the normal models only short run and in the Middle Ages. NzPar
  8. just in time slowly I plan to its fleet Tamiya 1/48 Corsair an RN and Aldić 883 will be welcome and Funckdecals are high quality Nz
  9. I am looking for information about painting and labeling of training aircraft BT_13, Pt-17, TEXAN. on the net I no found a lot of useful information Tusagee Airmen. Nz
  10. The long search models have now appeared on eBay lately I could not find them anywhere. soon I hope you catch one? Nazempar
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