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  1. Hey all, long time, health crap sucks, blah blah ... 🙂 Reading this month's SAM Pubs Model Aircraft Monthly there's a build article on the 72 Academy F-22 and the author mentions a Brazilian company Dryco Colors that manufacturers a set of paints intended for the RAM schemes on F-22 and F-35 but didn't mention where to buy them. I'm US and searched the online shops from SprueBros to Hannants to HLJ and don't see them on offer. Tried searching for the company but only found a FB page that freezes when I ask it to translate Portuguese to English. I'd like to buy some and give it a try for my KH F-35C I haven't started yet, but not sure where to go from here. TIA!! tracy
  2. Thank you! They are out of stock right now but I signed up to be notified when they are back! THANKS!!
  3. Happy ALMOST baseball season everyone! For my bday my awesome spouse got me the KH F-35C USN version! I have already decided I will probably NOT use a current scheme. Just not a huge fan of grey with grey highlights and grey outlines with another touch of 6 shades of grey. I could go into just using current F/A-18 schemes with more colourful tails and lean toward a near future possible paint job, at least, or I could go totally off my rocker and use the fantastic TwoBobs USN Anniversary scheme and make it like the F-18 in the WWII tri-colour "SBD" scheme. As a completely ridiculous fan of the SBD that one really lures me.... I haven't yet held up the decals to any of the parts to compare if it is even workable yet, though. BUT the question I have is that Eduard doesn't have a detail set out for the C version and their support told me they don't have a set down the pipe yet (Yes I know that can't really tell me even if so. I was just hoping it was something already announced internally at least for within the next couple months.) but they do have sets for the A (USAF) and the B (USMC) version. IIRC the A version is more like the C version than the B is, owing to the VTOL engine of the B and cockpit arrangement of the B vs C. Is that correct-ish? I do not plan to fold the wings, I know they are significantly larger than either other versions, and I know the C's landing gear is quite different. But I am hoping that if I get the A's detail PE set I will be able to use more of its parts than not. Advice? Much thanks in advance!
  4. THANK YOU!! (Sadly, no I do not read French.)
  5. Like it says on the tin! Am looking for a good, basic book about the Mirage, as many itinerations as possible. Amazon and I apparently do not share search words well, and SprueBros and Squadron were pretty limited. I am woefully short on knowledge about this important aircraft. Am starting to think it was the NATO version of the MiG-21 and clearly I have allowed a hole in my education that should not be there. TIA!! Tracy
  6. AND I discovered that she is also local to me! Well heck, I am always a total sucker for locally-related projects! Still weighing if I want to go 35th with the Academy or try again with the hell the Minicrap 48th was for me several years ago.
  7. Thank you!!! :worship:/> Your info is exactly what I was hoping for! I've wanted to find a good reason to use the WW products for a few years, they look awesome and he clearly LOVES those machines! I will do more research on the kits and thanks for the links too! I already have a Lilya Litviak Yak built, the kit and decals for "Killer Chick's" A-10 (pre- being shot all to hell and manual control surfaces), and I am excited to add this project to my plans as well.
  8. Hey all and thanks in advance. We just watched the "Air Warriors" program on the Blackhawk and they too briefly touched upon the Distinguished Flying Cross missions of medic Sgt. Julia Bringloe (now Stalker) in Afghanistan. So some further research (Googling) and I cannot believe we've not heard of her before, and I would like to model her bird. (Link below) 1. I prefer 48th scale but as a previous fan of the UH-60 I attempted the Minicrap kit a few years ago and it lead me to wanting to burn my workbench to the ground. So for a good kit that doesn't inspire me toward arson I am willing to expand to other scales. Suggestions? Is the HB one any good? 2. Markings - Can anyone point me toward figuring out what markings her bird would most likely have worn on the missions leading to the DFC? Many thanks and I apologize for the lack of knowledge I have about units and such. The only major regret I have in life is that I never served in the military. I insisted on working on, flying, or gunning with Cobras but while at "prime recruiting age" they wouldn't even consider letting women work on big scary gun-toting helicopters and none of the university recruiters would promise me that the ban on women in combat would be lifted in my lifetime. Bleh. thanks ~~Tracy, reluctant civilian, LOL http://taskandpurpose.com/unsung-heroes-this-army-medic-overcame-gunfire-and-a-broken-leg-to-save-14-soldiers/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_content=tp-facebook&utm_campaign=culture
  9. Absolutely jaw-dropping incredible. Pretty sure that building a 1:1 scale C-17 out of chewing gum and cocktail sticks would have been easier than Combat models.... Your Globemaster looks like a 1:1 that was hit with a shrink ray. Stunning. (Wrong base assignment though. The best C-17s, everyone knows, are the McChord AFB C-17s.) ~ Tracy, unrepentant homer ;)/>
  10. eeerrrmmm... can you just send that carrier deck to me please? That or a detailed WIP on it? Or both. Bloody gorgeous.
  11. Ya' know. long time ago I decided to "convert/bash" the Italeri prototype F-35 into an F-35C. I REALLY wanted one on my display shelves. Used the gear and tailhook from an A-6, surgically straightened the engine,folded wing tips, etc. etc. I was really excited when the KH F-35C became available, the only reason I don't have it yet is because I am forcing myself to finish my F-111C "pig" first. :blink: However, watching your struggle with this kit... I'm starting to think my hellish conversion/bash F-35C was less hassle!! Why is it so difficult for some companies to create proper instructions??! I wish some of them would just contract out the instructions job to Tamiya or something. Now I can't decide what to do about the F-35C... wait until someone else releases one and hope it's better? At the rate I am going on the "pig" that might happen before I finish that thing. Thank you for your progress pics and review and commentary! Please continue!
  12. Very cool, everyone! THANKS! NORMALLY I am more open to kit frustration (like I said, I kit-bashed my own F-35 carrier type from Italeri!) but lately with the health issue I am trying to focus more on the fun buildable kits. Not just a "shake the box" kit or anything, just not the major issues like I mentioned so accuracy issues that involve major rescribing or other "crazy making" tasks (for me) are out. Hmmmm.... I may need to swing by Emil's and see if he has any open box F-35s to look at the major things. I plan on getting 1. BETTER and 2. Back to my normal patience level eventually, though, so I intend this to be only a temporary ban. Oh and additionally to the accuracy issues (rivet counters RUN!! HURRY!!) I will almost certainly make my 48th F-35 be from a local-er NS, closer to here in the PNW or at least one that is assigned to a carrier from out here. So who knows what decal set I would be "mixing in" with the kit stencil stuff. LOL Unapologetic Homer, Tracy
  13. lazily scanning the forums I get the decided impression that for a "don't frustrate me, please" modeller like me, perhaps KittyHawk is a manufacturer to avoid? Even though I would LOVE to have a kit of the JSF carrier version? I already kit-bashed myself a 72nd one from the Italeri prototype (straightening out the engine was "challenging". Used an EA-6B set of gear, and so on) but I'm a 48th scaler at heart and would love a carrier JSF. Lately my stupid health issue crap has me wanting to avoid having to "fix" seams that a scale pilot would be able to fit his scale car through, warped fuselage or hull halves, and those sorts of pisspoor efforts by model companies. So avoiding KH would be prudent, y'all think? THANKS MUCH in advance! ~ Tracy (getting better, by the way, just in ebbs and flows but overall a definite "better" as far as health.)
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