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  1. I was given one of these YEARS ago - A time share mob offered a free BBQ if you sat through their sales pitch, and the free BBQ was one of these miniature webbers:)
  2. Feasible or not, it sounds like a fantastic wiff, B-17 gunship, miniguns in the chin, and waist, tail with a minigun above the .50's, top turret still with twin 50's and a second ball turret around the bomb bay... The big question is - do I have the ball turrets to do it in 1/32????
  3. Heres another one for you Automotive forums Woops, MoFo already linked it:)
  4. I don't know the episode names, but the one where Henry's desk gets "traded" and the one where Henry has a disgruntled soldier trying to kill him - "boom":)
  5. Actually, we're all called Kev, Bruce is the nom de plume we use when surfing porn:)
  6. So YOUR the guy who subscibes to my site shanedoesshane.com :)
  7. Hi Original Shane, This is the Shane who (if my aching joints are to be believed) probably existed before you became original:) Unfortunately I worded my reply poorly, I was attempting to agree with you and make you feel all warm and fuzzy with a validated opinion:) I tend to post during my breaks on night shift, so eloquence and context sometimes disappear between brain and fingers:) Anyhow I agree that we won't be seeing B models wearing RAAF or RAN markings, and even if it was going to happen, I couldn't see what use the token force we could muster would be in any sort of conflict. The
  8. Hi Shane, I'm Shane, We never really had any plans for buying the B model, our new ships would require more than a refit to accommodate them, the 28 extra airframes would always be A models (personally I would have liked us to consider the C, but that's just a Mugs view:))
  9. To a fisherman like me, it's never just a fish. The hard part is how else do we study them without catching and tagging them?
  10. I was the same - it totally nullifies the beautiful noise of the aircraft too.
  11. I hope catch and release is moral, I do a hell of a lot of it. I've been tagging fish since the late 80's, and the only time I've re-caught a fish I've tagged has been within 10 minutes of putting the stupid bugger back in the water! I have had a few others re captured, and it's a bit of a thrill to be notified of the details of a fish (growth, location) years after I've sent them on their way:) I still fish for food, but I find myself putting more fish back than I keep, my favorite eating fish has upper and lower size and bag limits, so I'm very careful about what I keep.
  12. My background - I grew up as a Graziers son, so for me killing animals is work, not pleasure. I currently hunt feral animals on my family property, and help out friends when they have need to destroy pests. I'll dress the odd pig, goat or a few rabbits for dog food, and the occasional deer (only a problem at one friends property), but most of the cats, pigs, goats and dogs I shoot end up as fertiliser. I've fished all my life, for food and sport, from chasing small (but legal) fish, to catching an estimated 300Kg Black Marlin. I have no problem with people hunting, as long as it's done sensib
  13. OK, fair warning, I'm not a cat lover, and I have a sick sense of humor.... I had a vision of a cat gaffa taped to each wing, screaming Stuka style as the ultralight dove on the airfield, and now I can't get it out of my head!
  14. I've been using the TM Warthog setup for Falcon 4 for a few years, and it's fantastic, but I recently picked up the Saitek X-55 to take with me when I'm travelling, and I'm starting to think I like it better! Hopefully it lasts for a while - my GA setup is all Saitek and it's doing well (took a hell of a lot of mucking around to get it to work with X Plane) but you can tell the difference between Saitek and TM build quality.
  15. I wouldn't call anything that can be flown from a keyboard a flight sim:)
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