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  1. I always heard the Corrosion story as well. as far as helping out maintainers, well I don't remember them ever doing anything to make our lives easier. 🙂 However, they did issue us gloves at Nellis to handle hot tools. Ever grab a pair of cannon plug pliers after they have been sitting in an open toolbox on the flightline for about an hour? yeah. Jester
  2. I'm looking for reference material on German WWII aircraft, more specifically the BF-109 and the FW-190. I like pictures I like comparisons, and accuracy. Which books do you guys that use them like to use? Is there a definitive list of books I should get? I'm talking Specs, color photos, Squadrons, all the goodies. yep, I searched, yep, I Googled, but you get lists of all the books, I want to know what you guys use.
  3. Some of what I said was confusing. A regulator after the compressor is good. Close to the bench. Then an inline moisture trap. then if you're into it and fine tune regulator at the brush. TCP Global, Chicago Airbrush, etc. have some fine regulators and traps and filters. Some are brand name, (Iwata, Master, Badger, Passche, etc.) if you wanna know what i have, I have the regulator that came on the compressor, then a regulator/trap/filter at my bench and that's it. I had an inline and they are really good. I may get another one. Seems like overkill, but water sp
  4. Wow. no replies in like 13 days. I'll throw what I know. Lot's of people use a regulator right at the inlet to the brush to fine tune the spray. There's usually no gauge for that, since it would be a bit cumbersome. That being said I got one from Lowe's. It has a built in filter and water trap. It also sucks. Do not use. I got my last one, or the one I am using now from TCP Global. I won't link because I don't know if they are a sponsor or not. Also, Chicago Airbrush has some nice ones with Filters and Moisture traps. I have a Moisture trap inline close to my brush but far enou
  5. i use mine in a spare room of the house as well. Scares the cat a little, but he's getting used to it. no one else in the house complains. About the Noise. They complain about other stuff. But not about the compressor. Jester
  6. I have a California Air 1610A. it has a 2 gallon tank, is fairly quiet, and has seen a lot of use. it's well made. They have some on Amazon, but that is not where I got mine as I recall. California Air has quite a few models to choose from. Also, pretty much anything from Iwata with a tank. Something quiet was important to me. Jester
  7. hey Scott. The leg and foot pain thing. do you think you can attribute a large portion of that to the Soda? Are we talking Diet Soda? I have horrible leg and foot pain, like I have muscle cramps all the time but no cramp, or tendonitis all the time without and injury... Not to high-jack or anything.... Jester
  8. I have a California Air 1610A. it has a 2 gallon Tank is very portable, and pretty quiet. You can have a conversation while the tank is filling. it fills to 125 PSI and doesn't kick back on until around 95 PSI, so you can work a while without it turning on and off. The tank is aluminum I believe, so no rust. I'm a big proponent of having a compressor with a tank. I have use the compressors with no tank and never got used to the pulsing, or the heat. I tried a really long hose (which acts like a tank, sort of) but it still pulsed while running. Just dump your tank onc
  9. i found this all very interesting. I like to drink. Can't do it as much as I used to, but there you are. I also liked to smoke. I quit. I think I quit for health reasons, or because I couldn't stand the smell anymore. Plus, my insurance at work started adding a surcharge of about 60 bucks a paycheck if you smoke. Bummer that. Still drink. Not much beer. it's bad for Gout from what I hear. if any of you have gout, you'll know what I mean when I say a few beers isn't worth a gout flare. That being said, I will have one or two when working on the car or after I mow the
  10. Hey Procopius, That pic is pretty damn cool, and close. Gotta watch where you put your lips on those things though.
  11. That's pretty cool. Thanks for sharing. I must admit I'm pretty "in the dark" when it comes to Russian Carrier Ops. I had no idea they launched solely with a ramp, no catapult, either steam or electromag. Impressive.
  12. Funny, but no. Had to do with standing on the Ramp/Taxiway close to EOR and simulating RADAR for checking the RTWS system. Seems like they always wanted to do them when it was butt freezing cold or when it was 98 degrees. Damndest thing.
  13. I worked 16's for 4 years in the USAF. I was in Avionics as well, but I was Cross Utilization Trained "CUT" to Crew Chief. Our pilots were pretty thorough, or as thorough as you can be without opening stuff up. They put a hand on most everything. The After engine start checklist is long and distinguished. My Butt stayed puckered for the entire ordeal. Until the jet came home safe. FCF's after Phase or CANN bird rebuilds really were the worst. Usually we did those on the Weekends. On Alert, it was all on us. The Bird gets pre-flighted after we put it to sleep, then no touchy. Period.
  14. Well, they are less expensive. I have no idea what that means though. Hey Don, Did you work on Voodoo's?
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