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  1. Hello, Decals are from a local company called Miliverse :)
  2. Hi all, This is my latest build, a Tamigawa F-16. It is a Block 50 kit from Tamiya with a Block 52 Hasegawa intake and Aires P&W229 Exhaust. Mostly OOB with scratch built details except seat and exhaust. Seat belts are 1mm masking tape with PE buckles, complete with safety pins and streamers. Aluminium foil intake and HUD covers, static dischargers made of toothbrush bristles, 0.3mm brass tubing for smoke pipe. Masked and painted with Tamiya Acylics, weathered with Flory Models wash. Not the best looking bird out there and comments are welcomed :)
  3. Painted the rotors and gave it a wash Ben
  4. Finally some updates. Learnt my lesson the hard way the other time so now I air brush a coat of white for base coat before I paint the red.
  5. Yup.. I only realised it after painting. Poor research on my side..
  6. Happy New Year guys! Hope you have a great year ahead and collect more models! Here's what I've completed. Found the original cutout for the exhaust too odd and big so I tried to make it smaller using styrene. Before After After few coats of putty It's not the best fit but it gets the job done. Still better than an overly large hole that sees through to the other side. Ben
  7. My impression of Russian aircrafts are dirty, built to fight and not clean like showroom cars so I weathered the panels more. Anyone knows how to weather khaki drab? Those seats looks too new Ben
  8. Apologies for the lack of updates! Finally found some time to work on my models. Here's the instrument panel ofter some dry brushing. Still need to practice on my skills.. Also weathered some panels and floor of the cargo bay The completed cockpit Followed by the completed cargo/passenger bay First time trying to make the landing gear bay look 'busy' Ben
  9. Repainted the pit because I thought it was too green. Is this better?
  10. Hi there, I believe they belonged to a Russian movie Ben
  11. Yes, that's right, it's the USCG Hind-D. Started building this while waiting for parts for my RSAF Black Knights F-16C. Saw these photos on Foxtrot Alpha and I knew I need to have one! Started on the cockpit and tried my best to mix the paint with my eyeball MkI. Meanwhile, if anyone have an unused 1/48 USCG decal sheet somewhere and want to let it go, please let me know as I am still searching for one. Cheers, Ben
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