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  1. Great work and some very nice weathering there!
  2. A few more... Thanks for looking!
  3. Hi everyone! I just complete my 23rd model, the 1/48 Revell Panavia Tornado IDS in Luftwaffe JaboG 31 markings from Afghanistan deployment at Mazer-e-Sharif in 2009. Let me just start by saying this is not an easy kit to build, particularly the wings and intakes. This ranks up there with the Hasegawa Tomcat as the most challenging builds I have encountered to far. In addition to the tricky wings and intakes, the instructions are really not good at all. Even worse, however, is the nonsensical parts numbering and part placement among the sprues. The parts are just spread all over, with a sprue containing parts in the 20s maybe and other in the 40s 50s 60s 70s up to the 100s. The sprues are all lettered, but the instructions never call out a letter, only the number. So much time is wasted hunting down parts by the number and appearance only. And since the numbers have no organization on the sprues, you literally hunt by appearance then check to see if it is the right number. Maddening! But with all of that said, it really does build into a nice model. The detail is quite good, despite the fact they added an extra panel line at the nose before the nosecone or something. It's just not quite right there. I am very happy with how this turned out despite some flaws and alignment issues that have only become apparent after looking at the pics. I used the Wingman Models Luftwaffe Tornados Part 1 sheet for this, and I must say they are quite awesome. No issues at all and they performed flawless. There was a little bit of an issue with the stencil diagram with incorrect numbering, but nothing that was not able to be figured out with some thought and deduction. I recommend this to anyone looking to do a German Tornado! Kit: 1/48 Revell of Germany Tornado IDS Decals: Wingman Models WMD48006 Luftwaffe Tornados Part 1 Aftermarket: Pavla Ejection Seats, Hasegawa Weapons Sets C (AGM-88s), Master Model Pitot Paints: Gunze Mr. Surfacer Black 1500 (primer base), Tamiya Liquid White Primer (for marble coat), Gunze Aqueous FS 35237 Grayish Blue, FS 36375 Light Ghost Gray, FS 36320 Dark Ghost Gray, and FS 36173 Neutral Gray, Tamiya XF-24 Dark Gray, Rubber Black, Clear Red, Clear Green, and Smoke, and Alclad II Gloss Black Primer, Airframe Aluminum, Pale Burnt Metal, and Burnt Iron. Future Gloss coat for decals and Future+Tamiya XF-21 Flat Base 6:1 ratio for final matte coat. Mig Ammo Deep Gray panel wash. I am aware that some of the pics are kinda blurry. But I hope you enjoy!
  4. This is an inspiring build, I have the GWH kit with these markings and I really look forward to building it one of these days. I will certainly refer to your work for inspiration and reference.
  5. Love this one David! Probably the coolest Mustang markings I have seen. If I ever build another Mustang I will certainly go with the Meng.
  6. Beautiful work David, as usual. Love this scheme. You should share the pic and story behind the inspiration for this build. ;-)
  7. I am partial to the F82 BMW M4, as I am in the market for one myself. While you will find a few 2015s for under $50k, your choices will be quite limited. I think the last time I did a search for under 50K, there were less than 10 for that price in all of the US.
  8. All the above echoes my experience. Just. Have. To. Be. Very. Careful. With. Them. Lots of great choices, but I would only use them again if it is a scheme I cannot find anywhere else.
  9. My understanding is that whether that 5000 number was met or not, if you got in on the preorder, that was your price whether it came out in December or 2018.
  10. Ah, that makes sense. It definitely has a strong odor. I hope this experiment yields a non-smelly alternative. :-)
  11. I am curious to see how this goes! I did a similar experiment trying to replicate the iridescent gold tint using nail polish. You can see my thread here: This was more for the gold/reddish tint on Raptors/Prowlers/ etc, and might not be the look you are going for. Might give you some more ideas to try as well. I was pretty pleased with the results I got.
  12. Great Wall is generally considered the best, followed by Hasegawa.
  13. Whoa, now THAT would be interesting...
  14. Absolutely fantastic work Calum! Having built this kit with the same markings, I can officially say you knocked this one out of the park. Well done bud!
  15. I would definitely buy this if they fit!