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  1. I have also built the Hasegawa Raptor, although I built mine wheels up bays closed in-flight, so no real need for aftermarket. The shape of the kit is very good, unlike the Academy kit which has a severely misshapen nose and some vertical tail issues. But there are some issues with the Hasegawa kit. It is a bit over engineered and assembly can be a bit tedious, although the fit overall is excellent (the canopy on this kit is by far the best fitting canopy I have ever used). Also, the RAM panels are way too pronounced, and many modellers sand them down, although I was too lazy t
  2. In that case, to help build the specific airframe he flew, you could ask for the BORT # in the picture and timeframe that he flew, as that would give a pretty good idea of which camo scheme to use as well as the unit markings on tail.
  3. Was it a single or twin seater? If single, it would have to be an Su-33 if it had blue camo. If it was a two seater, it is likely an Su-30SM. What scale? in 1/48 the choices are the Kinetic Su-33 or the upcoming Minibase Su-33, and Kitty Hawk just released the only Su-30SM in this scale. In 1/72 I am not as familiar with the options, but I think Zvezda makes both an Su-33 and Su-30SM and Hasegawa also makes an Su-33.
  4. My go to sites are Scale Hobbyist, Sprue Brothers, Lucky Model, and The 48ers.
  5. Thanks Jeff! My next project is something out of left field, for me, at least. Not my usual stuff... 🙂
  6. Thank you Roberto, I appreciate the kind words~ Thanks Ryan, I always appreciate you feedback! Thanks Gregg!
  7. Hi Everyone! Back once again with my latest completed project, this time the 1/48 Hasegawa A-7E Corsair II in VA-86 Sidewinders markings circa 1978 aboard the USS Nimitz. I have always been attracted to this scheme ever since seeing it in the movie "The Final Countdown". Really love the huge orange diamond on the spine aft of the cockpit. Used the Aires cockpit on this, and the fit is pretty much perfect. Highly recommended for this kit. Also used the Meng Short Range Missiles set for the Sidewinders, Hasegawa Weapons Set A for the mk. 82s, and Hasegawa Weapons Set
  8. Not sure if the forum update cured the problem or I got lucky with the format of my latest Display Case post, but it appears that the issue may be resolved. I was able to make a topic using the same copy and paste text I used previously that caused the error to occur.
  9. Hi all! Here is my latest completed project, the Hasegawa F-14B Tomcat of VF-103 Jolly Rogers aboard the USS Dwight D Eisenhower in 1998. This project is the only one I have ever started that I did not finish straight through. I finished the cockpit put then put the build on hold as a deadline for an IPMS club contest approached, so I moved on to another project that fit into the theme of that contest. It stayed on hold for over a year before I decided to go back to it as part of an F-14 Group Build on Scalemates. As you know, this is the notorious Hasegawa Tomcat.
  10. Thanks Specter! Thanks so much Ryan! Helicopters are a bit tougher for me to build, but I am trying to build more of them and they seem to get a little easier for me after each one. No prob! Thanks Night Owl! I really love the look of the folded rotors but with the non-folded tail. Probably not a very likely configuration, but it looks cool! Thanks P&P! Yeah, the riveting job is very daunting because there are just so many! I had never done it before, but it got easier as I went once I figured ou
  11. This has been an issue for awhile now and has been experience by a few of us...
  12. Oooooh DO WANT! I sure hope this gets the Zvezda Yak-130 treatment and not the recent Hind attempt at detail... Either way, though, this is on my wishlist for sure.
  13. Thanks Dylan! Thanks C2j! I do like the black background for my pics, although I agree for a dark subject like this it may not be the best choice. Sometimes I go for artsy style photos and admit that may not be the best for showing the model. Thanks Curt! I look forward to seeing you build it. It really is a great kit! Thanks Rocketdrvr! I did do a WIP album on Scalemates, it can be seen here: https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=16625&p=albums&album=58025
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