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  1. Oooooh DO WANT! I sure hope this gets the Zvezda Yak-130 treatment and not the recent Hind attempt at detail... Either way, though, this is on my wishlist for sure.
  2. Thanks Dylan! Thanks C2j! I do like the black background for my pics, although I agree for a dark subject like this it may not be the best choice. Sometimes I go for artsy style photos and admit that may not be the best for showing the model. Thanks Curt! I look forward to seeing you build it. It really is a great kit! Thanks Rocketdrvr! I did do a WIP album on Scalemates, it can be seen here: https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=16625&p=albums&album=58025 Thanks Ichitoe!
  3. Oh wow, that cockpit looks AMAZING! I built this kit somewhat recently, but definitely did not do the detail work you are doing, mine was mostly just an OOB in-flight build. I do have the remnants of the TwoBobs Langley Raptors sheet, if you would be interested in that, although I am not sure how much useful is left as far as stencils and whatnot.
  4. I tried to type two more paragraphs in my original post but they gave me errors. I will try to post them here: I used some aftermarket for this kit. Some Eduard exterior photoetch, Wolfpack MH-53E update set, and Res-kit refueling boom. The decals were mostly OOB and Vulcan 552 specific decals came from the Wolfpack set. All decals from both manufacturers performed flawlessly. I was very impressed. The only issue I had was the kit supplied walkway decals are a rather light gray, and from the pics I saw they should be either black or faded to almost the color of the rest of the exterior. So I used some white glue mixed with baby powder and Tamiya Rubber Black paint to recreate the color and texture of these walkways. I decided to pose the model with folder rotors and non-folded tail because I have seen pics like this and like the look. BUT, I found out the hard way near the end of the build that the model is a tail-sitter in this configuration once I added the folded rotors. I had to put some fishing weights on blue tac (all painted black for reduced visibility) in the cargo area to offset this and to get it to sit flat. If I had it to do over, I would have put one or two fishing weights at the front of each sponson to keep the nose down. I still have trouble with Helos compared to jets, to me there are just harder. But I feel like I made some big strides in my helo building capability with this project, so that makes me happy.
  5. Hi all! After about 3 months, this one is finally finished! The 1/48 Academy MH-53E Sea Dragon from HM-14 Vanguard, callsign "Vulcan 552", circa 2013. This aircraft was destroyed in an accident in June 2012, but with no injuries or fatalities luckily. I have wanted to build this kit for quite some time, but wanted to wait until I felt my abilities were high enough to do it justice. Well that time is now! The Academy kit is really quite nice, great detail, and it really fits very nice everywhere. I used very little putty on this build. But there is one big achilles heel with this kit. There are no rivets. The actual aircraft has them EVERYWHERE. So I decided to try my hand at adding rivets for the first time. I did so using the RB Rivet-R tool, and it worked very nicely! It was, however, VERY time consuming and VERY tedious. It took me pretty much a full week to do it all, as I could only do so much in one sitting before I had to leave it be. The one nice thing is that apparently Academy must have intended to add panel lines where the rows of rivets should be, because there are VERY faint lines where the rows of rivets should be. They are hard to see, but if you use some lighting and look at certain angles they can be seen and used as a guide for the rivet tool and tape.
  6. Welcome uprise! This is cool news, I often buy from 48ers, so I will be on the lookout for your decals on my next purchase. I really like some of the options you have!
  7. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!!!! LOL The first time it happened I was like "uh oh, I think I just broke ARC Forums" LOL. But after a certain period of time it seemed like all was fine and I sighed in relief. Pretty funny though that I am not the only one that happened to.
  8. Same here, it looks to be a very good match as well, and sprays like a dream. MRP-174 US HELO DRAB - FS34031
  9. This is indeed very true. I built the KH Su-35 using the MRP Eggplant, and immediately as I started to spray it thought "UH OH!" in my mind as it was obviously way too purple. I went ahead and continued spraying it over the whole model and then misted a dark gray (I can't remember which one) over the entire model and that toned the purple down enough that I was happy with the color, although it might still be slightly too purple.
  10. I am all for this! I, for one, would get one of each if you did an AF and a Navy sheet.
  11. Hi i wanted to purchase few of your models. Can you please share any details for that.

    1. Fighting Eighty-Four

      Fighting Eighty-Four

      Hi Shubham, I am sorry, but none of my models are for sale.  It is too difficult to ship them.



  12. This has also happened to me on a couple of occasions. I have found that it doesn't have to do with pics, but more about the text. On my latest Display Case topic (Academy Su-30MK2), when I tried to post it in whole with 10 pics and 3 paragraphs it gave me the Server 500 error. So I did some testing, and found if I removed ALL the text it would post. I had saved the entire post, and I tried to add one paragraph at a time via edit, the first one worked, but when I tried to add the second one I got the error. I tried to then add the third, and also got the error. It would only allow me to post the one (first) paragraph. So there was something in the other two that caused the error, what it was I have no idea. I had the same issue on a Kinetic Su-33 Display case post I made awhile back, but was able to get that one to work by removing just one paragraph.
  13. Thanks Zach, I always appreciate your kind words and feedback!!!
  14. Thanks Underdog! Yep, same rule, although I must admit my wife is pretty cool with my hobby, displaying, and even buying (although I accumulated most of my stash before marriage). I don't even think of buying stuff at the rate I used to though, which is a good thing actually. Now I am a bit more choosy with what I buy and aftermarket is limited only to must have corrections or conversions now. Flankers are my second favorite aircraft, after the Tomcat. Both are elegant machines with many similarities in appearance. Thanks Mark! I used Gunze GX2 Ueno Black for the base, Alclad Airframe Aluminum over that, and then differing amounts of Alclad Jet Exhaust, Burnt Iron, and some Tamiya Clear Blue, Yellow, and Red for the titanium heat stressing color. Thanks speedlimit! Thanks Thadues! I love building Flankers, I think I have built 6 total so far. At least one from every manufacturer that makes on in 1/48 with the exception of GWH. Thanks Bravo, I appreciate the kind words!
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