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  1. Hi all! Well, it's that time again... Another finished project! This time it is the 1/48 Hobby Boss Su-30MKM Flanker-H conversion from the base Su-30MKK kit using the Naza Model Art MKM conversion. The build WIP thread can be viewed here: The Su-30MKM is the Malaysia specific variant of the Su-30, based off of the Indian Su-30MKI. It has canards and thrust vectoring exhaust in common with that aircraft, however there are many things that make the MKM unique among Flankers. It utilizes western avionics from France and South Africa, and many feature not seen on other Flankers. The twin-seat canard Flankers are among my favorite aircraft, however there is no kit in 1/48 of these variants (Su-30SM/MKI/MKM/MKA). Thankfully, the somewhat recently released Hobby Boss Su-30MKK gets you close, and the Naza Model Art conversion kit gets you ALMOST there. I also needed to do some scratchbuilding of the IFF "bird slicers" and a few other little things. I also need thrust vectoring nozzles, so for those I used the AMUR Reaver TV nozzles, which are really nice. I also used Fishbone Decals for the decals. The Hobby Boss kit is really quite nice. Great detail, and the fit is nearly perfect. Easy to build, it is really a simple kit. There are some inaccuracies in this kit, but they do not bother too much. The Naza resin is very nice, and fit the kit quite well once the necessary plastic is removed. This was my first conversion I have attempted, and I must say I was quite apprehensive about attempting it. But I decided to just dive in and do it, and came away relieved. I actually enjoyed it, and am glad the conversion parts fit well. I am no longer afraid of doing another in the future. I also used a Master Model Pitot, L'Arsenal Damocles Pod, and NeoMega Ejection Seats. There are a few small inaccuracies with this build, mostly with the cockpit IPs. But overall it is pretty close. Kit: 1/48 Hobby Boss Su-30MKK no. 81714 Decals: Fishbone Su-30MKM Royal Malaysian Air Force Aftermarket: Naza Model Art Su-30MKM Exterior Conversion Set, A.M.U.R. Reaver Thrust Vectoring Nozzles, L.Aresnal Damocles Pod w/Nahar Pylon, NeoMega K-36DM Seats, Master Model Pitot Tube Paints: Gunze Mr. Surfacer Black 1500 (main aircraft primer base), Tamiya Liquid White Primer (for marble coat), Mr Paint MRP-090 Lemon-Gray Russian aviation primer and MRP-181 Light Gray, Gunze Aqueous H335 Medium Seagray, and H331 Dark Seagray , Tamiya Rubber Black, Clear Blue, and Clear Yellow, Gunze Mr Color GX2 Gloss Black (gloss black primer for metalwork) and Alclad II Airframe Aluminum, Pale Burnt Metal, and Burnt Iron. Future Gloss coat for decals and Future+Tamiya XF-21 Flat Base 6:1 ratio for final matte coat. Mig Ammo Deep Gray panel wash. On to the pic... Hope you like!
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    1/48 Hobby Boss Su-30MKM Flanker-H, Royal Malaysian Air Force, 2015

    Thanks Rom! Always glad to have your feedback! Thanks Steve, this is indeed also my favorite build of mine thus far. I am just so stoked how it turned out, especially how much surgery was involved, and being the first time I have done such a task. As for building more, next up is 1/48 Hasegawa Ah-64D with some resin bits. But compared to this one, the Apache should be a cakewalk. I will be starting it after I return from Bali at the end of this month. Thanks Andy! Yeah, the twin seat Flankers, in particular, have a very "all business" look to them, and this scheme really brings that look out. Thanks Zach! I always appreciate your kind words and support my friend! Thanks Ichitoe! I wanted to do this one lightly weathered, as these jets seem to be anywhere from pristine to minor wear. I too, am happy with how the weathering turned out! Thanks Ryan! The AMR nozzles really are fantastic, and this is my second time using them. I had previously used them on my KH Su-35. This time I tried to tone down the colors a little bit, but I still wanted to keep the affect intact. I am very pleased with how it turned out as I experimented a bit more this time. Thanks Paul, I really appreciate that coming from you. It was great having you in the build thread and really appreciated your contribution and feedback. I look forward to seeing your next project. Thanks Dave, I am glad you enjoyed the ride! I only do WIP threads every so often, as most of my builds are pretty boring OOB builds with a little extra here and there. Thanks Jonathan! I was honored to have you along for the ride. For the overall coat, I used H335 Medium Seagray. I had also considered H337 Grayish Blue, but decided to go with H335 in the end. According to my Scalemates project summary, I started this on November 21st and finished on January 11th... So about 7 weeks start to finish.
  3. Hey everyone! Well, I haven't done an in-progress thread in awhile, but since this project is my first real conversion (and one of my favorite aircraft), I thought I would do one for this... Besides, I may need some support and may have some questions along the way. 🙂 So the base kit for this is the Hobby Boss Su-30MKK, and I will be using the Naza Model Art Su-30MKM conversion set. I also have Fishbone decals for this aircraft. I will also be using a L'Arsenal Aero Damocles pod, AMUR Reaver Thrust Vectoring Exhausts, Master Model Pitot, and Neomega seats. So pull up a seat and enjoy the show!
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    1/48 Su-30MKM Flanker-H (Hobby Boss Su-30MKK Conversion)

    Well, she is all done now! You can see the final pics here:
  5. Fighting Eighty-Four

    1/48 Su-30MKM Flanker-H (Hobby Boss Su-30MKK Conversion)

    Thanks Falcon... I got good news for ya... 😉 Thanks master! Thanks dox! She is all done now...
  6. Fighting Eighty-Four

    1/48 Hobby Boss Su-30MKM Flanker-H, Royal Malaysian Air Force, 2015

    A few more pics...
  7. Greetings! So once again I am back with another completed project, the 1/48 Zoukei Mura F-4S Phantom II in the unique Heater-Ferris scheme adorned by VF-302, circa 1983. The kit is the excellent Zoukei Mura F-4S kit. This was a fun build for me, and I enjoyed pretty much the entire process. Fitment is very good, and detail is fantastic! So much so that the only aftermarket I used were the decals. Those decals are the from the long OOP Afterburner Ferris Phantoms sheet from 2009. I think I lucked into finding that sheet on eBay for less than $20, after I had been searching for quite some time. As usual, the Catograf printed Afterburner Decals performed flawlessly. This kit has a well known flaw in the rear fuselage, but it is not something that bothers me much so I did not worry about it. It is said that the upcoming long-nosed Phantoms from ZM will have the fuselage issue fixed. Makes me wonder if they will ever do anything about the ones already produced... Probably not... Masking for this scheme is actually considerably harder than I was expecting. I freehand masked the Splinter Eagle Aggressor scheme and Splinter Tomcat Adversary scheme, but those were both actually easier than this one. Getting the lines at the correct angle over the fuselage and continuing the shape across complex curves proved to be quite frustrating. I got it mostly right, but there are some definite inconsistencies with the real aircraft as far as line positions. Looks good enough for me though! Overall I am very happy with this one. Such a cool scheme! I weathered this moderately heavy, and was a little afraid I took it to far. But as I looked at it more day by day I have decided that I am very happy with it. Here is what I used for this project: Kit: 1/48 Zoukei Mura F-4S Phantom II SWS-48-05 Decals: Afterburner Decals Ferris Phantoms 48-051 Aftermarket: None Paints: Gunze Mr. Surfacer Black 1500 (primer base), Tamiya Liquid White Primer (for marble coat), Gunze Aqueous H316 FS 17875 Insignia White, H308 FS 36375 Light Ghost Gray, H337 FS 35237 Grayish Blue, and H42 FS 35164 Intermediate Blue, Mr Paint MRP-245 FS 36307 Light Sea Gray, ModelMaster FS 35109 Aggressor Blue, Tamiya Rubber Black, Clear Red, Clear Green, and Smoke, and Alclad II Gloss Black Primer, Airframe Aluminum, Pale Burnt Metal, and Burnt Iron. Future Gloss coat for decals and Future+Tamiya XF-21 Flat Base 6:1 ratio for final matte coat. Mig Ammo Deep Gray panel wash. Thanks for looking!
  8. Fighting Eighty-Four

    1/48 Su-30MKM Flanker-H (Hobby Boss Su-30MKK Conversion)

    Thanks Rom! You know, I struggled a bit with what to do with the air brake (closed or open). I agree with you it does tend to break up the sleek profile, but I decided to model it open for two reasons. 1. - there are so many lumps, bumps, protrusions, dangly bits, and other things on the MKM it just kinda fit in with the subject to have it open. With the open canopy, canards, and open air brake there is some really cool symmetry of angles these create as well. 2. - The airbrake itself is interesting. The inside of the air break itself is the Russian yellow primer, and the fuselage has some white rectangles that add interest. For an all gray aircraft, that little bit of yellow really pops! Thanks Dave! I really appreciate that, that is a wonderful compliment. Thanks Lucio! Next up for me is a bit less challenging project, the Hasegawa AH-64D, although I have considerably less experience with Helos (only built two so far), so this may be more of a challenge than I am expecting. 🙂
  9. Fighting Eighty-Four

    Glass Case RMAF SU-30MKM 1/48

    Very nice work Kamal! I am currently finishing up my own Su-30MKM, using the Naza set and Hobby Boss kit, so I can understand the work that went into this. Well done!
  10. Fighting Eighty-Four

    1/48 Su-30MKM Flanker-H (Hobby Boss Su-30MKK Conversion)

    So I got a lot accomplishedl last night, got the burner cans done (although I will hit them with a flat coat to tone them down a little) and the vertical and horizontal stabilizers, as well as the canards on. Also attached the deployed air brake and IRST clear part. This thing REALLY looks awesome in person, and it is my favorite model that I have built so far. I am really excited to get this one done! This will be the last update on the WIP, next up will be the final reveal in a couple days. Still have to finish the seats and canopy, as well as attach probes and pitot. Thanks to everyone for following along, I hope you enjoyed your stay!
  11. Fighting Eighty-Four

    1/48 Su-30MKM Flanker-H (Hobby Boss Su-30MKK Conversion)

    Thanks Mario, I appreciate the kind words! Thanks Jonathan, I am glad you enjoyed this build. I really have enjoyed this, despite all the work needed to convert it. I just love the twin seat canard Flankers so much, and the MKM is my favorite of those. Was glad to have ya along for the ride! Thanks, and I completely agree Falcon, the Kryptons are just one mean looking missile. It's hard to build a Flanker and not include some. LOL
  12. Fighting Eighty-Four

    1/48 Su-30MKM Flanker-H (Hobby Boss Su-30MKK Conversion)

    OK, update time! Well, she is on her feet now and got the weapons done, that took quite some time, even without many decals (kit does not come with many, and I didn't want to use the training markings. 2x Kh-31s, 2x Kh-29Ts, 2x RVV-AE (R-77 export version), 2x R-73s, and one Thales Damocles pod w/NAHAR pylon. I am very happy with how these turned out, especially the Kh-31s. Pics of MKMs show these rarely carry any weapons, so this will be a mostly fictional load, although it is possible. Getting close, the finish line is near!!!
  13. Fighting Eighty-Four

    1/48 Su-30MKM Flanker-H (Hobby Boss Su-30MKK Conversion)

    Thanks Brett, I appreciate the kind words! If you do build this kit, I will be eager to follow along!
  14. Fighting Eighty-Four

    What are your top 5 dream model kits?

    OK, I can't resist a kit wishlist thread! My list echoes many already on here: All 1/48: 1. Su-30SM/MKI/MKM/MKA 2. Su-25 3. Mi-24/35 4. Ka-50/52 5. Su-57 (honorable mention: F-111, H-60 Blackhawk family, A-10C, GWH Mig-29UB, Tamiya two-seat F-16s, and HB EA-6B)
  15. Fighting Eighty-Four

    1/48 Trumpeter J-20 Mighty Dragon Announced

    I just noticed a 1/48 J-20 has been added to the 2019 Trumpeter/Hobby Boss catalog under the Trumpeter brand. Now, I know it can take some time (years?) before their announced kits hit the market, but I for one am pretty excited for this one. https://www.facebook.com/TrumpeterModel/photos/pcb.1159171700908088/1159166230908635/?type=3&theater
  16. Fighting Eighty-Four

    1/48 Hobby Boss MV-22 Osprey Announced

    While perusing the 2019 Trumpeter/Hobby Boss catalog I noticed a new listing for the MV-22 under the Hobby Boss Brand. Hopefully they get this right so I can ditch my old Italeri kit!
  17. Fighting Eighty-Four

    1/48 Su-30MKM Flanker-H (Hobby Boss Su-30MKK Conversion)

    Small update: Got the final flat coat on after some minor additional weathering. I wanted to keep it a little bit low key on the weathering, so I am happy with where it is at. I also added a few more painted details. Lots of little details on this thing, and new things to do seem to keep popping up! LOL Anyway, getting there! It's always fun to rip of the windscreen and canopy masking to see how that went. It is also one of the first real signs of getting close to the finish line!
  18. Fighting Eighty-Four

    1/48 Su-30MKM Flanker-H (Hobby Boss Su-30MKK Conversion)

    Thanks Rom!
  19. Fighting Eighty-Four

    1/48 Su-30MKM Flanker-H (Hobby Boss Su-30MKK Conversion)

    Update time! So I got all the decals on and put a wash on her. Mig Ammo Deep Gray was used, as per my norm. Love this stuff and the effect it gives! Also added some more details. Really not sure what the white things in the air brake interior area are, but look interesting enough I decided to add them.
  20. Fighting Eighty-Four

    1/48 Su-30MKM Flanker-H (Hobby Boss Su-30MKK Conversion)

    Just a little update... I was able to get the main decals on last night, which was not much of a task, as there are not many. LOL One thing, on the Fishbone decal set, the Malaysian roundel is out of register, with some white peaking out one side of the circle. I was a bit bummed, and looked through all my decal collection to see if I had any other Malaysian roundels. Unfortunately I did not, so I ended up applying the Fishbone ones and taking a tiny brush with the base color (H335) and very carefully covering the peaking white. That seemed to work pretty well. Good thing I have a steady hand! I still have decals and formation lights to do, but I think the Fishbone formation lights are too yellow. They need to be a bit more cream colored, so I may try to come up with something using plasticard and paint. There are a ton of them on the AC, so we will see if I want to go through all that trouble LOL. Anyway, she looks pretty cool with some stickers on 'er!
  21. Fighting Eighty-Four

    What'd Santa bring ya?

    I got an Optivisor and an ultrasonic cleaner for my airbrush parts. No kits, but I really don't need any more for now, I have plenty to keep my busy for about 12 more years (based on my current build pace) LOL.
  22. Fighting Eighty-Four

    1/48 Su-30MKM Flanker-H (Hobby Boss Su-30MKK Conversion)

    Thanks Rom! After looking closely at the pics, I see I need to tidy up the inside demarcation line of the nacelles on the inside of the inside of the left nacelle. That shouldn't be too difficult. I might go in and add some violet in there as well, and still have to do the nozzles which will require some extensive work to do right. I also do need to do some more work on the underside as well. Thanks Matt! I am really pretty happy with how this one has gone so far. I think this one will be my favorite mode thatl I've built when I am done, assuming I don't screw it up between now and the finish line! 🙂 Thanks Onigiri! I checked out the product you mentioned, and DAMN, you weren't kidding about being expensive! I see 30mL is about $30 on Amazon. But I may give it a try. I wonder how this compares to Molotow? I like to brush that stuff on for mirror parts and oleos, but sometimes it can be inconsistent. Did you spray it? If so, thinned with what? I am quite interested in hearing more about your experience with it.
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    1/48 Su-30MKM Flanker-H (Hobby Boss Su-30MKK Conversion)

    Got the fuselage engine area metalwork mostly done now, will probably go back and tone down the bright silver areas on the top, I think they stand out a little too much. I will be also spraying this area matte, so it will also help. I did take some pics of the painting progression as well. Pretty happy with how this looks...
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    CD48156 - 1/48 Dassault Rafale

    This will be a must have for sure!
  25. Fighting Eighty-Four

    Su-27 from Great Wall Hobby

    Well, considering Haneto IS Yufei Mao, I would hope so. 😉 He is the one breaking this news.