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  1. I realize this is an older post, but yes, they did. M50 with composite hull. Jim
  2. Whatcha gonna build?

    I think I'll start out with an armour piece, one I've had my eye on for a while, a Husky AVGP with late upgrades. Will be using the Trumpeter kit. Also a PB test... Jim
  3. Happy 150th Canada!

    Happy Canada Day Gary! Went to my little home town July 1 parade and two Hornets flew over at 10.44! Wasn't ready for a pic, they just roared over and were gone! Nice and low... Jim
  4. Canada 150 Group Build?

    I'm in! Would be my first GB here, at least they give me some motivation. Have to narrow down a subject, but the new Kinetic Hornet has been calling out..."buy me, buy me". Jim
  5. CD72058 - B-52H Stratofortress

    Timely thread - I scored an Italeri reissue B-52H (have the LSM engine set but never found the kit!) and the Monogram B-52D at a recent show. For obvious reasons I'd be interested in Carswell AFB birds - the Italeri kit has one scheme for Carswell at least. Chris - we'll have to order a couple sets, one for each of us!! Jim Carswell
  6. Armor Forums?

    Tsk, tsk, where to start? http://www.missing-lynx.com/index.htm http://www.armorama.com/ http://www.track-link.net/ http://www.modelarmour.com/ http://www.planetarmor.com/ http://www.militarymodelling.com/ Should get you started! What kit did you get? Jim
  7. CT-133 detail pics needed

    Timely request, I took these last week from the one at the Comox Museum in BC. The chromate colour is at odds with previous info though, maybe both are correct? HTH, Jim
  8. Where to buy R&R Hawk 127 Cockpit/Nose Correction?

    Yeh, I e-mailed him a few days ago too, no response yet. Jim
  9. What did you get at the Hobby Shop today?

    A couple things found in Calgary yesterday - a R-G 1:48 Gr.7/9 Harrier for $35 CAD and the Trumpeter 1:72 F-105G for $26. Not bad deals! Jim
  10. Aaargh! 1:72 Italeri Griffon vent

    Hey, thanks for the lesson Junior, I was building crappy fitting Monogram kits before you were even born. What is this 'adjusting and dry-fitting' you speak of? ;) Not that it's a big deal, just wondering if it had been encountered before. Just another typical (sh)Italeri kit. Kudos to you Guys who built them. Anyhoo, some filler will be required after said adjusting/dryfitting/sanding/filing/shimming/cursing: Jim
  11. Has anyone successfully built the 1:72 Italeri Griffon or Twin Huey? Any builds on-line somewhere? Could they make the engine housing/shroud area any more complicated and poor fitting? I don't remember the Fujimi kit giving me so much grief... Jim
  12. Alaska Airlines Salmon Thirty Salmon Decals

    Here's one I spied in October at Seattle, passing through on the way to California. Thought it was pretty neat. If it's even the same thing yer talking about. I'm baffled by the incredible array of airline markings visible at any major airport. And I thought there were a lot for F-18's! Jim Edit-A-ha! I finally got it! 737= "Salmon Thirty Salmon" D'oh.
  13. The new Academy F-18A is almost here.....

    So yer saying I shouldn't be in a rush to convert the Academy 'C' kit I just got . No problem - I'm sure I can figure out something to do with it... Hey Scoob - don't forget my Harrier next week! Jim
  14. Trumpeter Test Shots.....Why IPMS Phillipines?

    Anthony, the vehicle in your photo (M1117 Guardian) has already been announced by Trumpeter: http://www.armorama.com/modules.php?op=mod...8240&page=1 When we'll see it is another question... Jim
  15. Did I miss some thing?

    Geez, please don't start up here now. Could it be that some people get tired of all the lame attempts at humour, silly pictures, old re-hashed jokes? Look at that thread and who posts - surprise - same people over and over. Probably the same type who say 'who, me? Nah-couldn't have been MY fault!' If I want to see that type of thread I though that's what the TPC was for?? Sure I don't post much but I check in a couple times every day and have gotten some valuable information from this site. A couple weeks ago I picked up a 1/48 R-M F-18E - well, it was fun going back to see some threads about this particular kit! If I have a point I guess it's please try to contibute something useful to the thread you're responding to. If you want to post back and forth with another fun-buddy, PM each other for our sake. Off my :D now. Jim