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  1. Hi all, one of my recent builds - Eduard's Profi Pack Hellcat in 48th scale. A really beautiful kit, the only thing missing in my opinion are proper gun barrels - the plastic ones are a bit naff. Luckily, Quickboost provides nice and inexpensive replacements. Painted with Gunze Acrylics, weathered with oils and pastels. Thanks for looking! Cheers, Boris
  2. Really nice! I especially like the subtle weathering.
  3. Thank you everyone! Chris, the winch is indeed a bit fiddely :-) What I did was to glue the frames on either side roughly into place with Tamiya Extra Thin, wait until the glue had set a bit and then test-fit the whole thing to the fuselage, nudging the frames into position. Cheers, Boris
  4. Hi everyone, here's one that tested my patience... Eduard's boxing of the Academy Lightning was somewhat of a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, the resin and photoetch parts are as beautiful as they come - on the other hand, the fit of the original plastic parts is really bad in places. I spent quite some time aligning the booms, filling huge gaps and steps between fuselage and wings, and rescribing lost detail. The model was painted with Lifecolor Acrylics, weathered with oils and pastels. Thanks for looking! Cheers, Boris
  5. Hi everyone, After lurking around here for ages (and loving all the information and tips provided by everyone!), this is my first post :D/> The Gallery Models H-34 "Navy Rescue" is a very nice kit, goes together fast and easily, and provides almost everything out of te box - apart from some cockpit controls and other small bits which i added. Painting was done with Gunze Acrylics, weathering with oils and pigments. Thanks for looking! Cheers, Boris
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